VMC Rugby Swinging Jig Head and Heavy Duty Flippin Hook

Published On August 14, 2014 »» By Dan Rice » Bass, Fishing, News
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Mike Iaconelli Delaware River

Photo credit: Alan McGuckin, Dynamic Sponsorships

Mike Iaconelli relied on his VMC hooks for the win on the Delaware River. He hoisted his Bassmaster Elite trophy into the craziest bass fishing crowd ever on hand. Just look at the reviews coming from Tackle Warehouse on the original VMC Rugby Jig Head – anglers across the country are using these Iaconelli-approved products to catch bass in a wide variety of conditions. And now they’re improved!

The VMC Swinging Rugby Jig Head has been such a sellout that the new jig head is out of stock at VMC. Anglers are scouring online retailers and even Ebay to get their fix, but you can visit Tackle VMC Rugby Swinging Jig HeadWarehouse right now to secure your goods- they’re fully stocked and ready to ship. So what’s the big deal about the swinging model? VMC chose a “swinging” design to allow your soft plastics free range of motion. Prey doesn’t sit perfectly still and neither should your bait. Secondly, the extra long “z” bend in the familiar EWG hook holds your plastics in a familiar fashion to anyone who fishes texas-rigs, but even better than the original. It’s the best of both worlds wrapped up in one jig head.

The VMC Powershot is another great option for anglers who like the idea of dropshotting, but with baitcasting gear, heavy line and heavier weights. When the smallmouth and largemouth head to deeper water in the summer, this is a perfect option to reach those fish with soft plastic worms in a texas-rig presentation. One of the best ways to catch big, heavy fish is to present a slow moving bait. Instead of carolina-rigging and covering water with a floating option, you’ll be able to use casting gear and drop your bait directly in front of the fish.

For you flipping and pitching anglers, VMC’s Flippin’ Hooks are also making noise with those who prefer to get dirty. Big weights, gnarly plastics and braided line are the perfect matchup for these hooks. With Summer in full swing, be sure to try these out on your next trip. Button down the hatches and get to work, just like Mike Iaconelli!


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