The Best Jerkbait for Spring Ice-off

Published On January 18, 2016 »» By Dan Rice » Bass, Fishing, Gear Reviews, Lures
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Strike King Jerkbait Dan Rice FHC OutdoorsJerkbait season is here, rather, the KVD Jerkbait. If you live near me in Spokane, or fish any type of freshwater system that will be mid-30s to upper 30s when it comes to water temperature, take note of these three key tips I’ve amassed over the years. If you have any questions, please use the contact form so I can keep track of the discussions. Here’s what you need to know to catch BIG largemouth and smallmouth in ice-off:

1. Largemouth and smallmouth still eat when the water is frigid, they just don’t eat as often. So what does that mean? You’re going for less bites, but phenomenal quality. If you catch one or two fish in a day, they’ll be heavy.

2. Just because the water is cold and the ice may or may not still remain, the best way to get their attention is a jerkbait that has good suspending capabilities. The movement will get their attention, and the suspending nature of jerkbaits will allow them to move in and eat the bait.

3. Fishing in the cold temperatures will wreak havoc on your gear. You may need to spray your rod guides with WD-40, or at the very least, dip your rod in the water to melt the ice in your guides. Be prepared for it or your trip won’t be fun.

When it comes to lures, I caught more big fish on the Strike King KVD J200 and J300 last year than any other brand – combined. Seriously, I have the photos to prove it. Use natural colors and pay attention to the wind. If there are wind breaks, or areas of water that look like a different color, those just might be the perfect ambush areas in lakes with a lot of weeds.

Be prepared for foul weather, that means dressing warm and having food and water on the boat. Dehydration is a serious contender in cold weather. If you feed your body and use the KVD Jerkbait, chances are, you’ll find the fish that are eating too.

As always, if you are a Tackle Warehouse junkie, you can find all the colors there. If you want a hands-on approach to buying tackle, be sure to check out The General Store, Argonne Ace Hardware in Spokane Valley, Black Sheep in Coeur d’Alene, or the multiple North 40 Outfitters throughout the area. Best of luck to you this year, and if you have any questions, be sure to let me know!

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