Nighttime Summer Bass Fishing with The Rage Blade

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There are only a few lures you really need to have on the boat for nighttime bass fishing and at the top of the list is The Strike King Rage Blade. From pre-fishing for The Spokane Bass Club’s Newman Lake night tournament, the fish I had found disappeared. Not only were those fish gone, but the water column looked like the dead sea – nothing but a solid return of H2O. No baitfish, no activity, no thermocline….nothing. They had disappeared altogether and within two hours, I knew I had to “just go fishing”.

Just going fishing…That’s a scary thing to say to any tournament angler but the truth is if you’re a spot fisherman, your fish can only last so long in the first place. Both largemouth and smallmouth actively feed at night during the summer months, but what I didn’t realize is how well they can hone in on a moving bait. During a full moon, that black water you see is actually painted grayscale. Silhouettes are fairly easy to target for bass, which is why the color black is often the best choice for night fishing.
Some anglers prefer to attach rattles to their jigs, or add beads to an otherwise dormant presentation to increase sound attraction, but The Rage Blade helped me win the Newman Lake night tournament by doing two very important things:

1. Allowed me to fish very slow, yet cover water effectively
2. Separated me from others who were throwing swim jigs

The Strike King Rage Blade is an excellent choice for open water nighttime bass fishing and excels around rocks, docks and logs. The unique head puts forth a much deeper vibration than other lure manufacturers and I certainly think this helped with getting bigger bites. All fish can sense vibration and movement, but bigger than average fish tend to be more selective. If you’re throwing the same exact lure as 15 other anglers, what’s the point of fishing the same water? In my opinion, it doesn’t make sense.

Here’s a rundown of my gear:
Lure: Strike King Rage Blade Swim Jig
Rod: Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 (Model: VC70-6)
Reel: Lew’s Tournament Pro Magnesium 7.5:1
Line: Seaguar InvizX 15-pound Fluorocarbon

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