Husky Jerk Deep with Scatter Rap Lip

Published On January 14, 2017 »» By Dan Rice » News
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SCTR There’s one type of lure that smallmouth bass find irresistible – the jerkbait. While it’s known as a cold water workhorse, one lure has excelled at attracting fish no matter the time of the season. Rapala’s Scatter Rap Series introduced a drawing power to a bait that many people have replaced. Regardless if you fish for bass, pike or walleye, this is one bait you’ll want to consider picking up for the jerkbait box.

Baitfish scatter when they are pursued by predators and Rapala has put a lot of effort into the evasive action seen on this series of hard lures. A couple of colors I look forward to throwing is “Glass Blue Minnow” for our clear water lakes and “Glass Pink Clown” for smallmouth bass. The baits come rigged with two #6 VMC black nickel round bend hooks and weigh in at 3/8-ounce. No matter the season, it’s one jerkbait that can be used in a myriad of situations.

SCTR2For anglers that troll for walleye or trout, these give you the option to introduce action into a bait that normally tracks straight. I know a couple of anglers locally that cast them for bass and while they may not reach the complete depth range of 12-feet, they are still extremely successful with catching aggressive predators.

Check the bait out over at Rapala, or visit Tackle Warehouse and load up for Spring! Choose a bait that you have the most confidence in and hit the water.

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