How to Waterproof Raingear with Nikwax

Published On January 14, 2017 »» By Dan Rice » How To, News
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The best way to re-charge your raingear is with Nikwax’ Tech Wash and TX.Direct Wash-In. I’ve tried numerous products and there’s nothing worse than heading out on a rainy day, only to be wet when you return home. Fishing dry is important because it helps your performance, but it also keeps you from getting sick. When it comes to protecting yourself, one of the easiest and cheapest are these two products. Here’s the steps I took to make my Cabelas’s Guidewear 100% waterproof again:

Step 1:
Remove any dirt and/or mud from your rainsuit

Step 2:
Use Tech Wash to clean your jacket and bibs in your washer via the easy-to-follow instructions on the label. The importance here is that this wash is a “soap based” wash, safe for Gore-Tex.

Step 3:
After your washer has run a full cycle, you will now use TX.Direct Wash-In to waterproof your rainsuit. The waterbased waterproofing restores and imporves water-repellency and maintains bthe breathability of your raingear (very important). Follow the directions on the label for best results

Step 4:
Go out and see the results for yourself. My Gore-Tex rainsuit came back to life and kept me dry last Fall. For best results, always make sure your raingear is clean. Once the Gore-Tex fibers become dirty, it cannot perform to keep you dry.

Here’s my results!

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