GoPro Hero 5 Camcorder – A Must Buy Camera for Fishing

Published On October 22, 2017 »» By Dan Rice » Gear Reviews, News, Technology
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There’s no better camera than the GoPro Hero 5 for your cast to catch films. When it comes to recording your fishing trips, there are few camcorders that give you the ultimate in high-definition capability, combined with the ease of use that truly helps you make magic on the water. Clear shots, great audio and many features to help your videos come to life.  

The mounting options are endless. In my case, I built a camera pole that screws into the rear seat base on my Skeeter ZX 200. I then purchased the “pole mount” from GoPro and then installed my Hero 5. The greatest attribute is that the pole mount is solid. It even holds up to the conditions at 70mph. With multiple mounting options, there’s really no excuse to getting the perfect shot.

Voice control of the Hero 5 is my absolute favorite feature. The reason I even looked at GoPro was so I could tell the camera to take a photo while holding a fish in each hand. I had to jump through hoops before to take photos with multiple fish, so this was a defining feature.

Waterproof cameras all claim to be waterproof, but the GoPro Hero 5 is truly waterproof. I’ve dunked it, swam with it and recorded my kids underwater with it. It takes a few minutes for the water to completely drain from the camera to where the audio is usable again, but it’s a feature that you should seriously consider, especially if you want to get underwater pictures and video.

One of the easiest ways to ensuring you have enough video to edit is to purchase extra batteries and a high capacity SD-micro card. By going with Samsung’s 128GB Pro card, I’m able to film all day long and usually only use half of its capacity. I don’t mind changing batteries, but changing SD Cards can be agitating. GoPro’s accessories will certainly save you time when on the water, so be sure to check them out!

Here are direct links to GoPro or Tackle Warehouse. No matter where you shop, the Hero 5 is a must-buy for any angler in 2017 and 2018!

MSRP: $399
Go-Pro Direct:
Tackle Warehouse:

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