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Published On October 17, 2016 »» By Dan Rice » Fishing, Gear Reviews, Knives and Tools
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img_0017I’ve used many automobile waxes over the years but I’ve recently been looking on forums for the best in marine applications. From professional detailers to boat builders, I recognized one name on several different sites: Ducky Renew Cleaner and Wax. I picked up a Craftsman Buffer and had the opportunity to test it out this past weekend. It is a fine grade glaze and polish combined into one bottle, so it removes light oxidation and swirls. Regardless of how you treat your boat after your fishing trip, Renew Cleaner Wax adds a layer of protection and returns your boat’s finish back to an incredible shine. As a bonus, if you don’t have a buffer, it can also be applied by hand.

img_0022It took me about two hours from start to finish (including washing the boat after a rain storm) and immediately noticed the product’s effectiveness. Most of us wipe our boats down after every trip but that job gets a little tedious over time. I started to notice the surface of my boat’s gel coat was a little rough and certainly not easy to wipe. By spending a couple of hours applying, removing and buffing with this Ducky product, you can immediately see and feel the difference. It’s the real deal.

As a recommendation from using automobile wax, the way you approach this makes or breaks the finish. Always apply the wax out of direct sunlight, remove it with a second terry towel and then polish with a lamb wool towel or pad. By using three different pads for your buffer, you’re ensuring each step is done to perfection. You have a lot of choices for wax and cleaner products, but I’m impressed with Ducky Performance Products. Go ahead and check out Renew Cleaner Wax from here!

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