Christmas Bass Fishing Gift Guide 2017

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There are many holiday gift giving guides this year available online, but I’m going to share my #1 choice for each of these categories. If you want to share this with your significant other, parents or family/friends, hopefully it means you’ll get what you actually want this year! Since it’s all based on my experience, my goal is to help you catch way more fish in 2018. Heck, maybe you’ll get many of these which would put you on the fast track to catching more fish starting in February!

Spinning Reel:
I purchased the Daiwa Tatula LT spinning reel and I’ve had friends buy it since because let’s face it, it’s lightweight, strong and it looks badass. You can pair the 2500 size with just about any spinning rod, so whether it’s for your dropshot, blade baits or shakey head, be confident in this new Daiwa release.

Baitcasting Reel:
The blue collar baitcaster is the Tournament Pro G from Lew’s. I love these reels. They can handle all of the big fish you can catch, plus cast extremely light lures with ease. No matter what you’re throwing, a safe bet is the Tournament Pro G.

Spinning Rod:
Alpha Angler has a strong presence here in Washington State and Idaho. First and foremost, these rods are made with the highest quality components. They’re light, balanced and locally made. It also helps that our hero, Brandon Palaniuk, gave the company huge praise in his Angler of the Year win in the Bassmaster Elite Series. What other reason would you need? Head out to Becker’s Tackle Shop in Coeur d’Alene to pick one up, or head over to Alpha Angler’s website at

Casting Rod:
This one was hard for me, but my #1 choice for a casting rod this year has to be Megabass’ Levante Diablo Spec R. I bought this from Becker’s Tackle Shop mainly for swim jigs, but it has done great for spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, football jigs and plastic worms. It’s a “do it all” rod so you’re covered.

Every bass angler loves topwater. They can be pretty picky about their choices, but none will bark at you for buying them frogs. They all work, I don’t care what color you choose. Pick from the heart, all of these will get bit this Spring! Look at all of these frogs at Tackle Warehouse! Just pick one that catches your eye 🙂

Large Swimbait:
The Roman Made Negotiator is certainly my number one choice, but the $100 price tag is hefty for many. Since we have pike and tiger muskie in local lakes, I’d recommend the River2Sea S-Waver as a substitute. Look, you won’t get hookups all of the time here, but big fish will flash on the bait and show themselves. Use it as a tool…if you get my drift.

Small Swimbait:
Strike King’s Rage Swimmer is my confidence bait. I fish them on standalone swimbait jig heads, on underspins and as trailers on swim jigs. You only need two colors: white and green pumpkin. The 4.75” is a great size no matter where you’re bass fishing. From Potholes Reservoir to Moses Lake, as well as Lake Coeur d’Alene and Long Lake, you’ll get bit on these bad boys.


There’s no doubt bass anglers love jigs here in our area. They’re one of the best fish catcher’s from here to Maine. Add Strike King’s Tour Grade Football jig and the all new Lee’s Comeback Jig. The latter is made with living rubber, perfect for cold water temps and those big fish looking for a meal.

Some anglers like shallow water square bills, while others can’t wait to tie on a 6XD. But if you’re shopping for someone for the holidays, then the safest bet is a lipless crankbait that can cover a wide variety of situations. Go with a ½-ounce lure in either bright red or something natural like “Bream”.

There are so many to choose from, but I’ll recommend The Strike King Rage Craw and The Yamamoto Zako. The Craw is perfect for swim jigs, chatterbaits, jig trailers and even punching. The Zako can do many of those too, plus it’s more subtle and can fill the role of grass fishing with something that looks different than a standard fluke.

So where do you go to get all this gear? Most of it can be had right here in town, but the majority of anglers I know buy from Tackle Warehouse online. All of the links are directed there, plus you get free shipping on orders of $50 or more. May your shopping for that picky bass angler in your life be easier – and more fulfilling. You never know, just maybe they’re taking just as much time on your gift(s)!

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