Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 Spinning Rod Review

Published On June 24, 2016 »» By Dan Rice » Bass, Fishing, Gear Reviews, Rods and Reels
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Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 vs610-4 Spinning Rod

I expect big results for Abu Garcia at ICAST 2016 – Dan Rice

Today we’re looking at Abu Garcia’s Villain 2.0 spinning rod. This model (vs610-4) is the perfect action and power for bass fishing’s dropshot technique at 6′ 10″. The improvements over the original Villain series is definitely worth exploring. At $199, the components and quality certainly feel much more expensive and is a benefit to those who want nothing but the best equipment at a very achievable price. With 40 ton graphite, you know the rod is just as balanced as it is sensitive.

Okay, so there are many aspects to discuss when it comes to the Villain 2.0, but one of my favorites is the V-Wrap design. This carbon wrap starts at the butt of the rod and is laid all the way to the tip of the rod. Overall, it improves strength and durability, but it also gives off a very unique look. There’s no other rod that really looks like the Villain 2.0. Score one for originality.

Strike King KVD DreamshotWhen it comes to the components, Abu Garcia opted for a Fuji reel seat and titanium framed micro guides with Zirconium inserts. This rod can handle any line you spool up on your reel – braid, fluorocarbon or monofilament. So you have the sensitivity, the durability and the right components, but how does this rod load up? Like a dream!

I’ve fished five dropshot rods in two years and this is my absolute favorite. No knocking Lamiglas, Cousins, Shimano or St. Croix, but the Villain 2.0 does something better than any of them in my experience and that was absorbing hard runs from our vicious northern smallmouth. While it is important to have your drag set properly on the Abu Garcia STX 30, the rod also doubles as an important tool because if often allows the angler to turn the head of the fish which can be very important around docks.

The Villain 2.0 is available in eight spinning models and eight casting models and will cover just about every technique you need it to cover throughout the year. If you’re looking for a medium-light dropshot rod with EVA features and rated up to 1/2-ounce, look no further than the Villain 2.0!


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