5 Best Bass Hooks of 2012

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From chemically sharpened points to new application designs, just about every technique now requires some sort of “special” ingredient. Consistency is not just popular in tournament fishing; it is an essential tool of becoming a more successful angler.

Owner American Corporation is undoubtedly the most popular hook manufacturer on the West Coast. To be quite honest, my terminal tackle box used to be full of everything under the sun. Gamakatsu, Mustad, Eagle Claw, and a couple of other companies too. My Plano boxes look much different now.

As my fishing arsenal grows, so does my need for specialty hooks. Flipping and pitching is much easier with the right equipment, as-is dropshotting deep water. Heck, try and find durable jig heads for those new umbrella rigs that have become bass fishing’s hottest technique – it’s quite hard to do. Traditional jig heads that are 1/4oz or lighter come standard with very light wire hooks and bend too easily. Well, this is not the case any longer.

After examining and purchasing a few different products from Owner, I would like to expose some firsthand knowledge that will help you gain confidence in those new techniques, or better yet, improve your already acquired skills. Here is a breakdown of my five favorite hooks that you will find in my tackle box for 2012.

5151 Ultrahead Shaky Type

5151 Shaky HeadFor you finesse anglers, shaky heads are a must-have weight in the box. From shallow water to deep ledges, shaky heads are notorious for picking up fish that are in neutral or negative moods. Since these models come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, this is my number one choice for the technique. What I like most about the 5151 from Owner is the TwistLOCK design, which helps keep your baits from tearing so easily. A weight that helps you save money in the long run – who would have thought?

Mosquito Hook

Owner Mosquito HookFor you dropshot fanatics, there is no better dropshot hook than Owner’s Mosquito. While many hooks today are capable of landing you those finicky bites, the Mosquito takes very little pressure when setting the hook on a dropshot rod. The magic characteristic lies in the offset needle point, which  turns the hook into the top of the mouth. Don’t take my word for it, I urge you to watch my dropshot videos on my YouTube Channel; we all know this is money in the bank.

TwistLOCK Flipping Hooks

Twistlock Flipping HookOne of the most important aspects to flipping and pitching is ensuring the best hook set possible, no matter the vegetation or cover. What’s the worst aspect of this technique? Tearing up baits. To combat the issue, Owner has patented the Centering Pin Spring system where you screw on your bait with pinpoint accuracy. By keeping the bait perfectly centered, you will double the life of your plastics and ensure you get those fish to the boat. Heavy cover is no longer feared.

Wacky Jighead

Owner Wacky Jig HeadWacky presentations are one of the most effective year round. By using a wacky hook with a molded in jig head, you gain casting distance and rate-of-fall. A faster sinking worm that “shimmies” on the way down is enticing to largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass. Many pro anglers have attributed this technique as the “money maker”, so grab a pack of 1/16oz or 1/8oz Wacky Jigheads from Owner and start chucking. You’ll be a fan in no time.

Inshore Head

Owner Ultrahead Inshore HeadUmbrella rigs are popular, along with jig heads and a vast array of swimbaits. The biggest issue for anglers have been jig heads that are built with light wire hooks. Using 1/4oz or 3/8oz jig heads from other manufacturers usually means you are using finesse style soft plastics, or at least this has been the idea in the past. With Owner’s Inshore Jighead, you gain unparalleled strength over any other company. The 3/0 hook is perfectly designed for umbrella rig swimbait fishing.  A durable paint job coupled with a strong hook and 3D eyes makes this a perfect choice for the ABT Multi Rig, or any other umbrella rig for that matter.

So these are my Top 5 Owner Hooks. Upon opening the packages, sharpening hooks are methods of the past. From their Softbaits plastics to the latest hook designs, Owner fills my box because I trust in the company and I trust in their products. While confidence and the “right” equipment helps bring fish to the boat, only one portion makes true contact with that fish  – make sure that hook is an Owner and avoid mishaps altogether.

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