VMC Ike Approved Swimbait Jig Head Review

Published On August 22, 2013 »» By Dan Rice » Bass, Fishing, Gear Reviews, Terminal Tackle
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VMC Swimbait Jig Heads

The VMC Ike Approved Swimbait Jig Heads have been a favorite jig head of mine for 2013. Unlike other jig heads available on the shelf, VMC brought lifelike details and added opposing keeper barbs –  ensuring your hollow belly swimbaits and solid body swimbaits remain at the top of the hook shank.

The Pacific Northwest is home to clear water. On a typical day, it is not uncommon to see down 10-15 feet. This means our smallmouth and largemouth get a good look before committing to a lure. Since I’ve smashed quite a few nice fish with this VMC Swimbait Jig Head and the ½-ounce’s 5/0 hook, I would say VMC has a winning product on their hands.

Besides the keeper barbs and the lifelike finishes, VMC hooks have always impressed me when it comes to the hookup completion. Missing fish on swimbaits can be frustrating, especially on days where the fish seem to disappear after missing a strike. Catching these fish on the first hit is important and these Ike Approved Jig Heads have gotten the job done.

With Fall approaching, now is the time to give VMC a shot. Smallmouth and largemouth will be ramping up to feed. Throwing these heads across rocky points, down ledges and next to lay downs will give you plenty of chances to hook into your biggest fish of the year.

So which swimbaits have I matched with these VMC Jig Heads? The Berkley Hollow Belly,the Basstrix Paddle Tail and yes, even a couple of secret hand pours. No matter the shape or body mass, VMC’s Ike Approved Jig Heads seem to fit most baits without a problem.

You can pick these up at Tackle Warehouse, or by visiting Rapala directly. Either way you go, make sure to hold on tight. These VMC Jig Heads and your favorite swimbaits are perfectly suited.  Here’s my best catch with VMC so far this year!

VMC Swimbait Jig Head Largemouth

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