The VMC Spinshot Dropshot Hook

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VMC Spinshot Dropshot Hook

Bass anglers are brand loyal – We stick to companies whom we are comfortable with. I received a VMC Spinshot sample pack in the mail and immediately began investigating this new dropshot hook. The big deal? The Spinshot incorporates a swivel design that allows your dropshot hook to spin 360°, therefore, eliminating line twist.

VMC Spinshot LargemouthAs you can see in the photo, this new dropshot hooks requires two knots. The first, which I always tie as a palomar for strength, and the second knot underneath that I tie as a clinch knot. Does it take a few extra seconds to tie your dropshot rig? Yes, but your purchasing decision will come down to these pro’s and con’s.


  • The hook does in fact eliminate line twist on spinning reel applications
  • The all new hook design helps increase sensitivity
  • Strong durable hooks – personally tested up to a 5 ½ pound largemouth


  • Tying two knots will eliminate anglers, not just line twist.
  • Price (4 per pack) is nearly double the price of most competitive manufacturers at $3.99


VMC Spinshot SmallmouthAs a heavy user of Owner Mosquito hooks for the dropshot, I certainly find it difficult to switch over to the VMC Spinshot. Paying $1 per hook seems fairly steep when it comes to competitive comparison, and most anglers have other ways of dealing with line twist. Whether you tie on a swivel up above your hook, or you periodically clear your spinning reel, VMC needs to enter the market with a much lower price point if they truly want to gain an advantage with dropshot anglers. The performance is there, but we’ll have to see how users view the newest release from VMC.

Want to try the VMC Spinshot for yourself? Take a look at Tackle Warehouse.

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