The Alabama Rig Making Noise

Published On October 23, 2011 »» By Dan Rice » Bass, Fishing
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The Alabama Rig

Alabama’s state bird is the Yellowhammer Woodpecker. Now they have an official state bass fishing lure.

The Alabama Rig is bass fishing’s latest innovation and the idea is drawing thousands of views from interested anglers. Tyler Brinks has recently posted his thoughts and opinions over at TBrinks Fishing, so I wanted to see what my viewers had to say.

The idea is simple: A “hookless” crankbait body is attached to five wire leaders. At the end of these leaders are swivels that allow you to connect your favorite swimbaits, grubs or other soft plastics. Heck, why not try some spinnerbaits on for size too?

The idea is novel simply because many anglers are targeting schools of bass in the fall. Instead of having one lure in the water, you now have the ability to catch up to FIVE bass in a single cast! Just ask Paul Elias, he won $101,500 at Lake Guntersville with a four-day bag of 102 pounds, 8 ounces. Go ahead, rub your eyes once more.

We would love to hear what you have to say about The Alabama Rig, so don’t hesitate to chime in here. Even though I wanted to pull a purchase, Washington State has the following rules in place that would make me have to come up with my own “homemade” version as to not go over three seperate hooks.

Washington State Freshwater Rules

“Hook and line angling only. Barbed or barbless hooks may be used, and a hook may be single-point, double, or treble, but not more than one line with up to three hooks per angler may be used”.

How about you? Are you willing to spend nearly $30 for bass fishing’s latest craze?

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About The Author

Dan Rice is an outdoor writer from Spokane, Washington. He writes for his website, FHC Outdoors, and is a contributing writer to Western Bass Magazine. Be sure to visit his YouTube channel for action on film!

4 Responses to The Alabama Rig Making Noise

  1. Tammy Poss says:

    For those of you who have state regulations on less than 5 hooks it’s not rocket science. Rig and glue you favorite baits to your hooks, rig all 5, if you are a state with 3 hook limit, cut your hooks off just down to inside you bait so that nothing is exposed or get a teaser bait to fill the spots with no hooks. Cast and catch, simple instructions but most of all just have fun !!! It’s a hoot !!!

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks for the advice Tammy. It will be interesting to see if the manufacturers can catch up with the overflow of attention. Sure does look like a blast!

      • Killen Kid says:

        Come on, Daniel. Wake up. She IS the manufacturer!!

        • Daniel says:

          Regardless of the person behind the keyboard (manufacturer or not), I find it interesting that the solution was to just cut off a couple of hooks and keep the remaining baits attached.

          In many states, you cannot just leave teaser baits attached. I’m clearly awake on the rules.

          Besides, I know that Tammy and Andy ARE the manufacturers. I wish them the best of luck with their operation. Noise like this doesn’t come often, so it truly is a Marketer’s dream for this type of buzz to be happening.

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