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Published On December 30, 2011 »» By Dan Rice » Apparel, Fishing, Gear Reviews
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Talus ColdAvenger ProIs that a gas mask on Mount Spokane? Not exactly, but this mask is a lifesaver in its own right. The Talus ColdAvenger Pro will change cold weather sports forever.

This soft-shell cold weather mask warms your face, protects your skin from bone chilling temperatures and allows you to breathe freely. No matter your sport, whether it be fishing, boating, snowboarding, skiing or skydiving, this is one mask designed to take any punishment mother nature can throw.

Celebrating my wife’s twenty-sixth birthday on the mountain was a perfect destination to perform our Outdoor Blogger Network review of the Talus ColdAvenger Pro. We got asked about the mask several times, constantly got stared at and above all else, felt like “masked” celebrities in disguise.

The mask has a low profile back designed to be worn with hats, helmets and other head gear. As a soft stretchy fleece, It covers your ears, face and neck beautifully that stays put with die-cut velcro. The windproof, water repellent and breathable material allows oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. As you can imagine, the most recognizable feature is the state of the art ventilation system, which  brings the entire package together.  The non-toxic medical grade polyurethane ventilator keeps moisture away from the face, but allows you to breathe in warm and humidified air.

Does it really work as advertised? More so than I would have ever thought.

The construction includes vertical and horizontal seams for better articulation. The fit is very comfortable and the overall design allows you to wear goggles and glasses without fogging up your lenses. As an underrated feature of most masks on the market today, this single aspect allows you to tackle any cold weather sport while maintaining ultimate protection. Big marks to Talus for paying attention to the littlest of details.

Upon our return home, I was happy to see that washing and caring for the mask is simple. A simple hand wash and air dry is all it takes to prepare for the next trip. As a one-size-fits-most, my wife and I both got to enjoy the features and protection of the ColdAvenger Pro. The only thing left to be desired is a second mask to keep us both protected.

ColdAvengerTalus Outdoor Technologies
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Price as Tested$59.95 from Talus

Talus Outdoor Technologies and the Outdoor Blogger Network are in no way affiliated with the expressions or opinions of the author. In return for the ColdAvenger Pro, Daniel has used and tested the product with an agreement to provide a truthful and honest review. Thank you for this opportunity.
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