Summer Season Dropshot Fishing Tips

Published On July 29, 2013 »» By Dan Rice » Bass
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dropshot fishing tips

What’s so important about summertime dropshot fishing tips? Making sure you approach the technique with the most advanced tools possible. I’m a dropshot fanatic because the technique catches fish, especially in summer. It is no secret that summer season bass fishing can be one of the toughest times of the year to catch numbers and size, but if I had to choose one rod and reel for the day, it would be my Lamiglas 702S dropshot rod and Plfueger Patriarch combo. My go-to fluorocarbon leader is 8-pound P-Line, connected to 20-pound Power Pro braid. This is the most sensitive combination and a true joy to fish with.

Braided fishing line will take your dropshot fishing to an entirely new level. You’ll feel stronger vibrations, unique bottom composition and a higher overall sense of touch. The more you feel, the more likely you are to feeling light bites, resulting in more fish. So what’s the kicker? You’ll catch bigger fish!

The reason is simple. Most large fish, whether largemouth or smallmouth bass, often inhale your dropshot lure completely. Maybe you’re fishing a 6-inch Roboworm, or the new KVD Dream shot? Bigger fish won’t mess around – they’ll suck in your soft plastic and you might not even notice it. When it comes to catching big fish on the dropshot, sensitivity is key. From Japan to The United States, the dropshot technique is one of the most successful ways to catch bass because it delivers your lure directly to the fish in a lifelike manner.

Use braided main line. Tie your fluorocarbon leader with a uni-to-uni knot. And always target deep, cool water when the water temperature climbs into the 70s and 80s.

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