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Published On July 21, 2012 »» By Dan Rice » Apparel, Fishing, Gear Reviews
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The Storm Buff

The Reversible Storm Buff protects your head, face, neck, ears and ultimately, your skin from all weather environments. This piece of apparel is the most adaptable accessory I own – no questions asked. In warm weather, Buff protects you from harmful UV rays and in the Winter, it provides a barrier against dangerously cold winds and freezing temperatures. I cannot imagine fishing without my Buff, and now my collection has grown.

In June of 2011, I reviewed Buff’s Water Gloves. In similar fashion, this piece of headwear has exceeded my expectations ten-fold. When you prepare for a fishing trip, your most important gear is usually gathered first. Rods, reels, lures, raingear and my Buff. What’s most surprising is that Buff comes before my fishing cameras – its functional use is that important.

I began fishing The Reversible Storm Buff in January. I broke ice with my Buff and fished in some of the nastiest winds, rain and hail I have ever encountered. No matter the conditions, I always felt dry, warm and secure. The second biggest surprise is that Buff is also machine washable. Say goodbye to soggy apparel and hard-to-clean accessories; Buff is the true definition of versatile.

There are 12 ways to wear The Original Buff and the company does such a good job at showing you, I will avoid trying to duplicate the illustrations, but the most important aspect to take away is the numerous functions that a Buff can fulfill.  Take a look at these illustrations here.

Storm Buff ComparisonIt’s quite difficult to go into detail about how much Buff has changed my experience on the water, but if giving a product a 10 out of 10 is the best award I can grant, The Reversible Storm Buff is the hands down winner. The main difference between The Reversible Storm Buff and The Original Buff headgear is the Storm Buff featuring Windstopper Gore (black material) on one side, and the breathable wicking material (blue material) on the other side. With Gore, the angler is receiving a thicker material for the coldest of temperatures, instead of the traditional single layer of microfiber.

The Storm Buff is perfect as headgear, but also functions as a neck gaiter flawlessly. Many rain suits offer incredible protection, but leaving the angler’s face open to a harsh environment can dramatically reduce body temperature. By covering this potential area of loss, a person can help their rain gear achieve maximum heat exchange. It’s a one-two punch of protection.

In conclusion, Buff has offered their Water Gloves and Storm Buff for me to test in some very straining environments, and both products have impressed me so much that I am now looking to grow my collection. From the swamps in Florida to the lava lakes in Washington State, Buff continues to impress men, women and children across the country – and that is something to be very proud of. You won’t find many products as flexible as Buff. Toss the sunscreen and get into Buff. Your skin will thank you later down the road.

ProductStorm Buff
Primary FabricGore Windstopper/Microfiber
FeaturesAdjustable drawstring for ultimate fit
FitContour Fit/ Universal
SizesOne size fits most
Care InstructionsHand or Machine Wash, let air dry.
Color in ReviewPoppins Blue/Black
Price as Tested$35.99

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