Sponsorship Part Three

Published On July 4, 2011 »» By Dan Rice » Fishing
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Leverage Landing Net TBF

Leverage Landing Net - 2011 TBF Sponsor

Communicating and setting realistic goals is a great start to our final article on sponsorships. Our goal here at FHC Outdoors is to work with companies who are innovative, and who provide quality products at affordable prices. Communicating expectations is at the top of the “need to know” list.

Tyler Brinks, Eco Pro Tungsten Pro Manager said, “Communication is very important. Not only through email, but also on the phone, make sure you sound professional and willing to work. I like to call potential Pro Staff members just to see how they present themselves, how they speak, and to see how enthusiastic they are.”

Online communication has been thought of as “informal”, but for many industry professionals, this is a primary means of communication in today’s fast paced world. Anglers travel far distances and are often unable to meet in person. Speak with proper grammar, listen for crucial details and be respectful of advice given to you. No matter the communication medium, whether it’s over the phone or on Facebook, keeping a specialized figure is most important to the companies who rely on professional  appearances.

Tyler went on to say, “ Social Media can be your best friend or worst enemy when it comes to communication. It’s out there and everything you do online can be seen by everyone. Make sure you aren’t the one bad mouthing other companies, swearing, and otherwise just being unprofessional. Is that the image this company wants to portray? Definitely not.”

Do’s and Dont’s

Patrick Zajdel - Crankbait Cover-Ups

Patrick Zajdel of Crankbait Cover-Ups

  • Do seek out your preferred companies. You often understand more about their products, which is visible from an outside perspective.
  • Do not force your hand. Meeting and greeting potential sponsors is the best way to get “face time”. Prove your knowledge, your work ethic and your inner drive to succeed.
  • Do maintain a reputable presence. No one is perfect, but irresponsible behavior can severely impact your image and your chances of success.
  • Do not wait for sponsorship opportunities to approach you. Offer your strengths, continue working on your techniques and provide feedback when it is not expected.

At the End

At the end of the day, sponsorships are more than an affiliation. The relationship is close – an opportunity that exists because of each party bringing something beneficial to the association. You should examine your strengths, your weaknesses and continue to work on improving both areas.

There is no magic solution, nor is there a right or wrong way to approaching a potential sponsor. There are many similarities when it comes to success though. One key area I would like to point out is “motivational strength”. This is the degree of willingness you have to reach a particular goal. At times, this degree might be biological, as in an accomplishment that comes naturally. Other times, this degree may stem from outside influences. No matter where you get your drive, you must prepare and perform to the best of your ability.

To leave you with a famous quote, Benjamin Franklin once stated, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

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Member Submitted Sponsor Photographs

If you would like to submit your own high quality sponsor photo for this article, please email Daniel the photograph and your sponsoring company information.

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