SleepCell E-Bag Premium Review

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A great sleeping bag for Spring and Summer.

I have only owned a couple of sleeping bags in my life, the newest being The E-Bag Premium sleeping bag from SleepCell. Here’s what I like about it: it weighs only five-and-a-half pounds  in the stuff sack and it performed better than expected. At 90-inches tall and 40-inches wide, it’s a solid choice for spring and summer camping.

 The bag is constructed of a tear-resistant polyester top and a polyurethane bottom that is 300-denier. This simply refers to the coarseness of the material that is designed to keep you dry from any moisture. Besides the great shell, the bag also encompasses a coolvent system that allows air to enter the bag with just a zip. Getting it back into its stuff sack was a little tight but nothing that could be described as a chore.

 Cellcorp also added a couple of other handy features such as a high-top collar, outdoor utility pocket for belongings and a removable comfort foam pillow. The only drawback to any of these features is that the pillow lacks a complete feeling;  I personally feel that the pillow is much too thin to be a primary source of head and neck support.

 Temperature ratings seem to always be misjudged. The fact here is that you may have an entirely different experience depending on whether or not you are sleeping in the open, or underneath a tent. The temperature rating of ten -degrees -Fahrenheit  might be giving the bag a little too much credit in my opinion because it is just not heavy enough to be out in the elements when temperatures drop below freezing.  

 In closing, the $30 price and lightweight features attracted me to the sleeping bag. I had two color options to choose from and decided on black over blue. I actually purchased two separate bags, one for me and a second for my wife. Overall, I feel Cellcorp delivers a great beginners sleeping bag that can be used for many years to come.


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Dan Rice is an outdoor writer from Spokane, Washington. He writes for his website, FHC Outdoors, and is a contributing writer to Western Bass Magazine. Be sure to visit his YouTube channel for action on film!

2 Responses to SleepCell E-Bag Premium Review

  1. John says:

    Do you think it is warm enough under the temperature of five-degrees-Celsius underneath a tent?

    • Daniel says:

      John, thanks for stopping by. 5º Celcius is 41ºF, and I would be alright with this temperature under a tent.

      If this was your sole primary cover, then no, I probably would look for a heavier bag.

      Hope this helps you?

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