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Published On December 9, 2011 »» By Dan Rice » Fishing, Gear Reviews, Rods and Reels
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Shimano Crucial CRC-70MH

Shimano Crucial rods have become a fan favorite with many jig anglers. The durable, yet highly sensitive Crucial blanks are technique specific, and priced at a level that appeal to many angler’s budgets. After an entire season, I am about to give you the skinny on the Shimano Crucial CRC-70MH.

Constructed of IM-9 graphite, this seven-foot, medium-heavy rod could be used for a variety of techniques; spinnerbaits, crankbaits, worms and jigs. From hauling in more fish than I could count in 2011, this Crucial rod became an intricate part of each fishing trip. From vicious smallmouth to tank sized largemouth, this particular rod will always be remembered as the “one” that landed my personal best at Newman Lake, Washington in October of 2011. (7lb-11oz largemouth)

Now replaced with the new 2012 IM-10 Crucial rods, an angler can save a ton of money by buying Shimano closeout models. Many retailers still have existing stock on these rods, as well as the TC4 crankbait models – all of which are hard to beat when priced under $100. Even if you purchase a closeout (last year’s) model, Shimano still honors the limited lifetime warranty – worth the price of gold when compared to many manufacturers in this price point.

The CRC-70MH balances quite nicely and has been perfectly paired with the Shimano Curado 201E7 over the course of the last year. While the combo looks nice in my hands, the true brilliance of the rod comes when setting the hook. With a fast tip and an extra fast taper, the medium-heavy powered blank transfers your energy almost instantly. This quick transfer means more fish to the boat and less time re-thinking your purchase decision.

Among all of the features, the Fuji Alconite guides (9 + 1 tip) keep friction to a minimum and reduce the amount of overall rod stress. The tip-guide has been put through many rough trips, yet it still remains intact and functional. Through the use of various braided and fluorocarbon lines, each guide is still in immaculate condition. Very impressive Shimano, very impressive.

While many anglers skip over fine details such as reel seats and wrapped guides, both are running in tip-top shape without any necessary maintenance. Besides the occasional cleanup, this is one rod that continues to be my workhorse for very good reason.

Be sure to take a look at the new Shimano Crucial rods, but don’t forget to check your local tackle stores for closeout stock – you won’t be dissapointed.

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