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Savage Gear 3D Craw Largemouth Bass


Savage Gear USA – a fishing company that designs their products for the trophy angler. Just this year, the company released the 3D Craw. This scent, salt and iodine infused plastic crayfish accurately mimics the largemouth’s favorite meal down to every last detail. From fishing this lure over the last several weeks, I have been impressed with how fast largemouth bass react to the bait. It doesn’t take long for the fish to hone in on the air filled claws and the soft body – it’s made to be annihilated.

A quick night trip turned deadly as I found that I was on a “big fish” bite. Knowing summertime patterns would heat up in July, I launched just before dawn at a smaller local body of water named Liberty Lake. The trip was fast, but the fishing was stellar. In three hours, I caught two 4-pound largemouth bass and landed this 5-pound largemouth just minutes after the sky fell dark. Within a matter of hours, Savage Gear USA roped me in on their little secret; these lures have attitude!

The 3D Craw can be fished effectively with either casting or spinning gear and with several rigging options, the lure can be presented in a myriad of fashions. I used a weighted swimbait hook on this particular trip because I took a limited supply of tackle, but have found a shaky head setup to be much easier for rigging. You can never go wrong with rigging this bait on a standup shakey head, as the position is a natural defense position for crayfish. Savage Gear does offer their own Stealth Spike, Weedless Hooks and Stand-Up Jig Heads made for the 3D Craw, so definitely take a look at these accessories by clicking here.

Durability seems to be a point of discussion on forum sites, but with me catching very respectable four and five pound fish on the 3D Craw, I didn’t have to fight very many small fish. My honest, real world opinion is this: why subtract the quality of a soft plastic bait because it doesn’t hold up to tearing? Purchasing soft plastic lures will eventually lead to destruction, but who cares, the point is to catch fish! With crawdad imitating lures known to be big fish baits, I don’t mind spending a little time repairing or replacing the 3D Craw. This bait is worth every dime.

The value from Savage Gear comes in the form of three craws to a package (4 ¾-inch version) for $9.99. Weighing in at ½-ounce, the lure does come with some weight on its own. Add your favorite hook or jig head, and you’re looking at a craw that can be very effective in both windy and calm conditions. As of this date, there are seven available colors with many more on the way. I would really recommend getting to know your body of water and matching the hatch as close as possible, but if you are unsure of which color to choose, I can very easily recommend Red.

Altogether, I think Savage Gear USA has done a tremendous job at creating a lure that does what it intends to do. From a marketing standpoint, they do an excellent job at showcasing their products through promotional videos on YouTube. While many companies R&D, create and release lures that can be questionable at best, Savage Gear USA is stepping up to the plate with realistic, yet effective lures and being efficient when it comes to educating potential customers about “how” to make full use of their products. The proof is in the results. Be sure to visit their Facebook page too for the latest in news and contests!

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