River2Sea Dahlberg Giveaway #6

Published On March 27, 2011 »» By Dan Rice » Bass, Contests and Giveaways, Fishing
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Larry Dahlberg WideGlide by River2Sea

WideGlide Color: Red Horse

Please read the contest rules before submitting your answer. Use the websites listed there to help you find your answer!

Question #6
What is the name of Larry Dahlberg’s dog?
Post your answer below!

Winning Answer:
Mojo by our member Donny

NameLarry Dahlberg WideGlide
MaterialHard Body, Feathered Tail
PresentationTopwater Walking Bait
Length4.5 inches
Weight7/8 ounce
Hardware#2 River2Sea 3X Strong Hooks
Colors(5) Shadow, Cisco, Silver Sucker, Red Horse, Fire Tiger
Price$11.99 each

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Dan Rice is an outdoor writer from Spokane, Washington. He writes for his website, FHC Outdoors, and is a contributing writer to Western Bass Magazine. Be sure to visit his YouTube channel for action on film!

4 Responses to River2Sea Dahlberg Giveaway #6

  1. fishingdaybyday says:

    Ugh late again lol ill get it nex time

    • Daniel says:

      Many of our members subscribe to our RSS or Email options.

      Everytime we post something new, they are notified. This is great for contests!

      On the home page, click “posts” next to the orange RSS button. Then, click the “email” option.

      Keep trying!

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