River2Sea Dahlberg Contest #1

Published On March 16, 2011 »» By Dan Rice » Bass, Contests and Giveaways, Fishing
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Red River2Sea Clackin' Crayfish

Red Clackin' Crayfish

Please read the contest rules before submitting your answer. No exceptions.

Question #1
At what age did Larry Dahlberg catch his first fish? Reply with your answer below!

Winning Answer:
4 years old by bassmanikaika

Lure Details

NameLarry Dahlberg Clackin' Crayfish
MaterialHard Tail & Soft Head
PresentationBottom (Swim it or jig it)
Length5 inches
Weight1 ounce
Hardware5/0 River2Sea 2X Strong
Colors(6) Red, Olive, Brown-Orange, Brown-Olive,Dark Brown, Blue-Olive
Price$12.99 each
Replacement PacksReplacement pack contains two soft bodies for $5.99

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About The Author

Dan Rice is an outdoor writer from Spokane, Washington. He writes for his website, FHC Outdoors, and is a contributing writer to Western Bass Magazine. Be sure to visit his YouTube channel for action on film!

8 Responses to River2Sea Dahlberg Contest #1

  1. nhayes says:

    five years old

  2. tbolsega25 says:

    Three years old

  3. bassmanikaika says:

    he was 4 years iof age

    • Daniel says:

      bassmanikaika, you are correct! Nice work!

      You will be receiving an email in which we will request your shipping address.

      Congratulations 🙂

  4. bassmanikaika says:

    haha AYAYAYAYAY. researching is my best skill!

    • Daniel says:

      We’ll get that lure to you as soon as you check your email, and send us your address.

      Don’t forget to like River2Sea on Facebook, and chat with Larry Dahlberg on his forum!

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