River2Sea at ICAST 2011

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ICAST 2011

River2Sea Clackin' CrayfishICAST 2011 was a big show for many, but River2Sea came locked and loaded. River2Sea introduced a smaller version of the Clackin’ Crayfish, which is 3.5-inches compared to the first generation 5-inch bait. Most noticeable, we finally get a weed guard straight from the factory that will eliminate snags.


River2Sea Little Whopper PlopperThe Whopper Plopper uses a deep vibration and spinning propeller tail to attract the big bite. Traditionally used as a Musky bait, River2Sea has addressed us bass anglers by offering a smaller version that is designed to do one thing – bring those big fish from deep water. The available patterns look great, and to be honest, I am most excited for this particular release.


River2Sea Little Diver FrogThe Dahblerg Diver Frog has been a topwater giant on the West Coast, but it has undergone a couple of changes that should help anglers start landing more frog fish. Similar to the size reduction in the Clackin’ Crayfish, River2Sea released a smaller version of the Diver Frog. Many anglers had issues with the Thermoplastic legs sticking together, so River2Sea listened and tweaked the material slightly. The result – less sticky legs with the same great action. Well done in my opinion.

River2Sea S-Waver Swimbait

The S-Waver deserves an entire article all in itself, but some new colors should have those swimbait fans smiling from ear to ear. I have always thought that River2Sea’s trout pattern to be king of realism, but the newest version seen here has me in disbelief. For West Coast anglers, trout patterns are a must. This bait will continue to light up the forums and discussion boards because the bait simply brings an action unlike anything else on the market.

Ish Monroe of River2SeaIn addition to the lure improvements, River2Sea has also added Ish Monroe to their Promotional Staff team. With an attitude for winning and a remarkable tournament history, these are just a few reasons to be excited for the remainder of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.

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  1. robert christensen says:

    do you know when the whopper plopper will be avalible??

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