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Published On January 17, 2016 »» By Dan Rice » Gear Reviews, Knives and Tools
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Rapala Fisherman's Multi-Tool with Features

Here’s a new fishing accessory for you or that special angler in your life. Scissors, snips, pliers, replacement snips, fingernail clippers – I have tried them all. It seems that each and every year, I search for the perfect multi-tool. Up until now, I have tried fishing companies, tool manufacturers and they just never seem to work out. Rapala released an all new Multi-Tool that offers retractable line scissors, a retractable jig buster (for paint that closes up the eye), multi-size line threader, carabiner clip and beverage wrench.

I probably don’t have to tell you that out of all of these features, it comes down to two things: if you are a serious bass angler, the jig buster and retractable line scissors will be crucial to your day. If you are a recreational angler, the beverage wrench might come in handy. No matter your experience or intent, this multi-tool is well worth its weight in features.

You can buy direct from Rapala, or go with the major outdoor retailers. The cheapest I have found is at Tackle Warehouse, so if you plan on making an order to receive the free shipping option of $50 or more, then it just might be time to replace the old tools in your boat for a ‘jack of all trades’.

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