Powerbait Twitchtail Minnow Review

Published On November 6, 2012 »» By Dan Rice » Lures
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Powerbait Twitchtail Minnow

Tackle junkies are the early adopters of the fishing world. They preview, they buy, they fish and they are the repeat customers who drive the tackle industry’s latest offerings. These customers might be the first in line for Apple’s iPhone, but they are also first in line for the latest lures, reels, rods and electronics.

A simple dropshot bait is hardly considered a breakthrough when it comes to the tackle industry, but the Powerbait Twitchtail Minnow is more than simple – it’s a darn good value and it catches smallmouth better than some of the most popular choices among anglers that you see in today’s tournament-driven society. I saw its success firsthand.

Tyler Brinks Fishing The Powerbait Twitchtail Minnow

Tyler Brinks from T Brinks Fishing and I made one last trip for 2012 back on Saturday, November 3rd, 2012. In Washington State, our Novembers usually consist of dramatic cool downs, rain and even the first snowfall, but November 3rd is officially our holiday; Twitchtail Minnow Day. This three-inch soft plastic minnow combines a ‘fluke’ style profile with the most durable body I’ve had the chance to fish with. This means fish attracting power and durability rarely seen from a soft plastic manufacturer. Score one for the tackle junkies!

Without knowing the true potential of this bait over the period of an entire season, Tyler and I were simply amazed at the Twitchtail Minnow’s ability to attract all sizes of bass, yet survive the most aggressive smallmouth in the Fall. This is one dropshot bait that is a must-buy for any finesse angler. Berkley stuffs the pack with twelve Twitchtail Minnows; a number that should easily last you one or two trips.

Competitively priced and available in an array of lifelike colors, Berkley has a clear winner for anglers who want to catch fish when other products fail to draw a strike. After begging Tyler for a couple Twitchtail Minnows, I doubled my catch ratio. The next thing we knew, the entire bag ended up missing? He’ll say I snatched them off his boat; I’ll say he must have hid the rest for himself. We’ll never know at this rate, but what we do know is that the Powerbait Twitchtail Minnow has a place in both of our bags. See it for yourself at Tackle Warehouse.

Daniel Rice Fishing The Powerbait Twitchtail Minnow


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