P-Line 100% Fluorocarbon Review

Published On April 14, 2011 »» By Dan Rice » Bass, Fishing, Gear Reviews, Line
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PLine 100% Fluorocarbon

Fishing P-Line 100% Fluorocarbon for an entire year was my decision for formulating this review. We often find gear reviews that are processed based on a few hours of fishing, but that won’t be the case here at FHC Outdoors.

With increasing fishing pressure on our area lakes, my goal was to improve my equipment to help with catching numbers of fish. I own some great Shimano rods and reels and I have plenty of lures that still have not seen the water – so I decided to look at several types of line to cure my pocket full of coins.

PLine 100% Fluoro SpoolYou will immediately notice the jump in price when it comes to purchasing fluorocarbon and for good reason. Fluoro is not completely invisible to the fish, but it is the most camouflaged fishing line currently on the market. It’s more sensitive than monofilament and does not absorb water, therefore giving you a much stronger alternative.

Spooling the line was no different than monofilament and upon initial inspection, didn’t feel much different either. This particular product was manageable from the beginning. For anyone who has had to test a new spool of fluorocarbon line, this is the most anticipated part of the purchase. If the line is terrible at the house, you’re doomed on the water. Not the case here.

I purchased two different pound-test, 8lb for my drop shot rod and 15lb for my jig rod. Let’s focus on the drop shot setup first.

The 8lb P-Line Fluorocarbon is perfect for finesse applications. The increased invisibility allows me to use stronger pound-test and an obvious increase in catches over the past year proves that the switch from monofilament was a wise decision.  From fishing the drop shot on rocky shorelines to deep water fishing at Lake Shasta, California,  I have been very pleased with the performance of 8lb P-Line 100% Fluorocarbon. Knock on wood, I have not lost a fish on this setup.

As a suggestion for spinning reel applications, fluorocarbon is known for jumping off the spool. From my experience, this is simply due to over spooling. If you experience this frustration, let the line jump until it stops. Cut the line at this point and you should have no more issues.

PLine 100% FluoroThe 15lb P-Line 100% Fluorocarbon has greatly increased my sensitivity with jigs and creature baits. Since fluorocarbon is unaffected by the sun’s UV rays, I am also happy to report that my line is still in great shape and ready for another season. Remember the price increase? The added value of longer lasting line evens out the potential of having to buy additional monofilament.

If you’re switching from single strand monofilament to fluorocarbon on a baitcasting reel, you will hardly notice a difference in castability. I use three knots: the Palomar, the Berkley Braid Knot, and the Improved Clinch Knot. All knots have performed as expected with P-Line.

Looking back a year ago, I would have to say my switch to P-Line 100% Fluorocarbon has been one of my biggest improvements. I have caught more fish with larger diameter line without having any issues with knot strength or visibility. As an angler, it’s difficult to test new equipment when our time on the water is limited, but this is one instance where the change outperformed old faithful.

If you’re so inclined, check out P-Line 100% Fluorocarbon at Tackle Warehouse.

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