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Owner SoftbaitsOwner American Corporation is producing soft plastics made to seamlessly match their trusted hooks. For over 20 years, Owner has been leading the industry by delivering unrivaled hook strength and hook-point designs. Now, Owner is taking their manufacturing process one step further.

Owner Yuki BugThe Yuki Bug is a creature bait made for sniffing out those timid bass. Much different than your beaver-style bait, this rendition can be fished anywhere, no matter the conditions on a multitude of Owner hooks. The biggest feature comes from the air pocket incorporated into the tail, which stands straight up if rigged on Owner’s 5151 Shakyhead. This allows the bait to impersonate a feeding position – a deadly pose for nearby largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Creature baits are often simple in design, but Owner brings an entirely different presentation when compared to other lure manufacturers. Starting at the head of the bait, the inverse ribs displace water differently than other solid bodied baits. Grooved slits help align your hook perfectly down the center, and molded legs present secondary action in its fullest form. There are plenty of characteristics to help you put fish in the boat that you have to see for yourself.

My preferred method of rigging is using Owner’s 5151 Shakyhead that also features a Twistlock with centering pin for ease of use. Using this series of hooks allows you to Texas Rig the bait, without the head tearing so easily. Most importantly, Owner’s painting process holds up to the harshest lava rock seen on the West Coast.

This bait catches fish as you have seen from my many photos and videos. As a fan of other creature baits on the market, it has to be a big deal when I call this lure “the best creature bait.” You can argue my opinion, but my success and results speak for themselves. Not only can you rig this bait on all techniques, but it also makes for a great dropshot bait, as well as a trailer on your favorite jigs.

Also, stay tuned for some exciting news regarding a new Owner prototype to be revealed at ICAST 2011.



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