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Published On August 15, 2013 »» By Dan Rice » Lures, Video Vault
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Yuki Bug Owner Softbaits

The Yuki Bug from Owner Hooks and their Soft Baits line has to be one of the most well rounded soft plastics to ever hit the market. It’s tail is unique and the the body can thwart many catches when it comes to durability. Whether you are fishing for largemouth bass or smallmouth bass in Washington state, The Yuki Bug should be in your boat. As the Summer temperatures climb, you will find fish hiding around shade such as under docks, fallen trees and around rocky points with deep water access. When other anglers throw soft plastics with aggressive action, I’ll switch to the Yuki Bug for a different approach – and boy has it worked.

Bass fishing can be toughest during the Summer, but by slowing down and flipping or pitching Owner’s Yuki Bug into holes and shady cover, this bait can produce the most annihilating strikes. Big smallmouth love this bait and largemouth tend to eat it 9 times out of 10. It’s that good! From sight fishing to random casts in order to locate fish, this bait will simply outwork the competition.

From its physical attributes, the tail and body shape make it unlike any other soft plastic on the market. Durable plastic, several appendages and natural colors that flat out catch fish. Fortunately, Owner has seen a lot of support from anglers who say their hooks and soft plastics match together perfectly. This isn’t my first video on the Owner Yuki Bug, and considering my catch rate with this bait, I would also say it’s probably not my last.

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