NuTech Lures NuJig Review

Published On August 18, 2013 »» By Dan Rice » Lures, Video Vault
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Nutech Nujig Review

NuTech Lures’ NuJig is the most unique bass fishing jig to ever hit the market. In a world of flooded traditional designs, NuTech Lures brought physics and smarts to a design that helps anglers increase solid hooksets. There’s no better spot for hook penetration than the top of the mouth and this is what the NuJig does every single time.

I was contacted by NuTech Lures on YouTube to perform a review of their Original NuJig and after watching a couple of videos and seeing their introduction film, I replied with great interest because I am a HUGE fan of jigs – flipping, pitching, football heads, finesse, you name it, I’ll jig it.

So what does this jig do that should make you want to buy it? It isolates your hooksets to the top of the mouth. It doesn’t matter if you are fishing for smallmouth, largemouth or spotted bass – say goodbye to unintentional injuries to fish. A solid hookset means better hookup ratios and more fish to the boat.

As of August 2013, NuTech has these jigs available in the Original version, which I tested, and the Pro Series, which is an updated finale. Of course, if you need just the head, NuTech Lures also offers their Naked Head so that you may add your own soft plastics to the mix for a completely customized presentation. At approximately $4 per Original jig, NuTech Lures will help you catch more fish…and that is according to science!

So how do you get a hold of NuTech to try these products out for yourself?
Visit NuTech’s Website, connect with them on Facebook or watch their lures in action on YouTube!

Need more proof? Watch me catch a nice largemouth on the NuJig:

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