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Magnum RD Nano Tec Polo

Magnum Boots is back to share more prizes with you in 2012. With (3) major giveaways planned, I am here to bring you the first – a RD Nano Tec Polo. This professional looking polo shirt utilizes an advanced fabric that will not fade. Add in SPF-40 sun protection, a concealed pen pocket on the left sleeve and shrink resistant material, and you will be stylin’ no matter your destination. Whether you are at work or play, Magnum has you covered from head to feet.

Giveaway Rules

1) Tell us below in a comment about your “work” situation. Profession, duties, etc.
2) Secondly, tell us about your goals and ambitions for 2012!

This contest is open to the U.S. only. If the winner’s size is out of stock, Magnum will replace with another style of equal or lesser value. Winner to be chosen January 9, 2011 and announced here at FHC Outdoors.
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About The Author

Dan Rice is an outdoor writer from Spokane, Washington. He writes for his website, FHC Outdoors, and is a contributing writer to Western Bass Magazine. Be sure to visit his YouTube channel for action on film!

49 Responses to Magnum Nano Tec Polo Giveaway

  1. Bill Howard says:

    Launching BowAmerica, the e-Magazine for Bowhunters on January 5th. As far as goals and ambitions, 1-get BowAmerica off and running, 2-snow goose hunt by bow, 3-pronghorn hunt by bow, 4-get the kids out camping.

  2. Mel says:

    A great way to start the new year, Daniel! I am one of six owners of a Medicaid funded agency that provides on going supports for the Elderly, Children, and, Adults with Developmental Disabilities. Entering my (34) year of operation in the field.

    Goals: Continued quality time with my family and grandchildren, fish as often as I can, and of course, catch one now and then.

  3. Duke Jenkel says:

    I spend about 300 days a year in the outdoors as a professional angler and waterfowl guide. I coach the high school bass fishing team in my home town. I enjoy introducing people to the outdoors, whether hunting or fishing, passing along knowledge is blessing.
    My goal is to always be recognized as an angler who is always professional, in actions and appearance, but I want to be recognized as a Christian first and an angler second.

  4. Chris Miles says:

    I am a sheriff’s deputy with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office in Nashville Tn., I work in the Booking Division and my daily task are performing the booking of arrests by local agencies. I take fingerprints, mugshots, and perform local and nationwide warrant and information checks on subjects brought into our custody.
    My plans for 2012 are to keep on doing what I need to do. No resolutions, just making things happen. Who needs resolutions? People should meet every situation as a learning experience, and if you did it wrong why wait till beginning of the year to do things the right way? As far as ambitions for the year I just want to be my best every day the good lord lets me and let the rest fall into place.

  5. Larry Chapman says:

    I work at Lowe’s in the Outdoor Power Equipment department. I sell riding mowers, grills, etc., and load said products for customers.

    In 2012 I plan on doing that job to the best of my ability, and just being the best I can be in all my endeavors at work and outside of work as well.

  6. Dean Zimmerman says:

    I am an hourly employee for one of the largest food processing company’s in the U.S.. I enjoy making healthy nutritious food so America can stay strong and healthy.
    In 2012 I plan on furthering my hobby which is shooting and competing in local competitions. I want to be the best I can be in all that I do.

  7. Jesson Bateman says:

    I work at a hematology lab during the week and as a fire-arms and tactics instructor during the weekend covering everything from handgun and carbine basics to advanced dynamic team entry.

    My goals for 2012 are to continue to contribute and assist those who serve and sacrifice and to help those around me through my work in the health care field.

  8. Steven Rimer says:

    I am a former Air Force Combat Controller, and Deputy Sheriff. I am currently in Army Intel, and also doing Defense Logistics. I go to school and have a family and four. Im going to coninue working as hard as possible while trying to spend as much time with my family as I can. My ambitions consist of becoming a better person, and providing more for my family.

  9. Frid says:

    My current work is a Customs officer. My ambitions are giving all my energy to work but of course leave some for my family and friends. I wear nothing else than Magnum footwear, I love MAGNUM!

  10. Philip Clegg says:

    I am a door supervisor/doorman/bouncer by night and a house husband/nanny by day for my now 8 months old daughter. My ambitions for 2012 are to get into the police force and still spend as much time possible with my wife and daughter.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Bob Darnell says:

      My hat’s off to you, sir, I did the house husband for 9 years, best 9 years of my life. You will not regret it, especially when you look back, Good Job!

  11. Cheryl Christian says:

    I am a retired hair stylist who moved from southern mts of Colorado to the plains, but still love to fish anytime I can with grandkids and hubby. May not do as much flyfishing as I did, but thats ok. 2012 is our year to get healthier and enjoy life with our grandchildren. Husband wears magnum.

  12. John Cochran says:

    I am a kayak fisherman that is starting fresh in 2012 with a goal to catch at least one each of the over 50 species of fish in the waters of my home state. Kentucky’s 90 thousand miles (140 thousand km) of streams provides one of the most expansive and complex stream systems in the U.S. It is the only state to be bordered on 3 sides by rivers. There is the Mississippi River to the west, the Ohio River to the north, and the Big Sandy River and Tug Fork to the east. Its major internal rivers include the Kentucky River, Tennessee River, Cumberland River, Green River, and Licking River. Though it is home to only 3 major natural lakes, the state has many artificial lakes, reservoirs and farm ponds. Kentucky has both the largest artificial lake east of the Mississippi in water volume (Lake Cumberland) and surface area (Kentucky Lake). So, why wouldn’t 2012 be my year!

  13. Song Kimpton says:

    How awesome, what more can you ask for in a shirt!

    wait… Can the polo turn into a floatation device?.. lol

  14. Brady Schoepp says:

    Great contest guys! I work at Hobbytown USA as the airsoft specialist. I am in charge of all airsoft orders, all our airsoft products, and I do all our airsoft repairs and work. I help all the customers who have questions or need help with anything airsoft. My ambitions for 2012 are to have more fun with friends and family. I plan on attending as many airsoft events as I can this summer and fall, get my airsoft team up and running and hopefully recruit some new members, and help introduce some new people with the sport of airsoft. I also hope to be successful with the fishing and hunting seasons this year.

  15. Karl says:

    Currently Detention Sgt assigned to our Training Division / Also Reserve Deputy Sheriff.
    My goals this year are to retire from detention and move on to full time Deputy Sheriff, this has been a long time goal and now that I have my time in, I will move forward and reach my goal… Happy New Year….

  16. Eric Seberg says:

    I work in apartment maintenance so a work dry shirt is great in summer (on the roof working on an A/C). For 2012 my main goal is to keep my job. The economy still isn’t up to par and rentals are very competitive.

  17. Bob Darnell says:

    I’m a Communications Specialist for LifeLine Critcal Care Transport in Indianapolis, been in EMS for 34 years, did the house husband job, and yes it is and can be a job, but it was the best job I ever had. Also a NRA Pistol Instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer. In 2012 I hope to finally improve my shooting skills, continue to enjoy all the shooting disciplines, pistol, rifle, shotgun. I hope to improve my work skills, without all the dramatic stress, and let me tell you, we are a center of drama! Thanks!

  18. Ed Schmitt says:

    I work as a fire and life safety technician at a Department of Energy National Laboratory. I am regularly in various work environments from clean rooms to radiologically controlled laboratories and large scale building construction sites.

    My goal for 2012 is to get my 2 year old son, Jonathan out on his first fishing trip.

  19. Jon says:

    I work for a wholesale foodservice brokerage in a major metropolitan area; never a dull moment and we get to know where you do (and do not) want to eat! Everything from meeting in a conference room, to working trade shows, to consulting in hot kitchens all over the market.

    Otherwise, I’m also a junior NCO in the Georgia State Defense Force, the third part of the Georgia DOD (Ga National Guard, Ga Air National Guard, and GA SDF). We have several mission essential tasks, most of them centered around supporting the Ga National Guard and local authorities, and search and rescue operations (both urban and wilderness). The service of the soldiers in the Ga SDF fills a need that will only grow with reductions in the Army and Army National Guard. We’re “Ready to Serve” (that’s our motto)!

    I hope to keep people cooking great food in 2012, and make E5 in the Ga SDF (in my Magnum boots, no less!).

  20. SClark says:

    I am the Supervisor of a CNC Dept. at a Machine shop in Spokane, WA. I bid on jobs for the shop, purchase tooling needed to manufacture the parts, hire help as needed, train and supervise 10 machinists and manage the administrative end of our department.

    My goals for 2012 are to get out more, hike, hunt and fish as much as possible. I love living in the Northwest and am at home in the wild outdoors. I am always looking for ways to give back and I am actively recruiting volunteers for many conservation projects planned for this year.
    Contact me directly or come and join the Inland Northwest Wildlife Council here in Spokane, WA.

  21. Kenneth F says:

    I’m a diving and Life Support Supervisor. I work offshore in the Gulf of Mexico or any where else in the world where Oil and Gas is in need of our services. I supervise the divers and monitor their life support mixed gas. We have the capability to work down to 1,000 feet. My self I have only been to 830 feet. I lost all my hay crop this last year here in Texas. So for this year re-establish may hay and deer food plots. Plan for an Elk Hunt this coming fall.

  22. Darrell Kuhne says:

    I am a building contractor looking to change careers. My goal is to find employment in law enforcement.

  23. Tracie says:

    I provide armed security here in Phila. This year i would love to take more security training course. Ranging from weapons courses to executive protection courses

  24. Barry Getch says:

    I am a retired firefighter from Florida living in the mountains of western North Carolina now. I continue to be actively involved in the fire department here in NC. I have been a volunteer on the Hiwassee Dam FD and have recently been elected to the position of training lieutenant. This year our officers are going to expand our Junior Firefighter program and have them be more involved with our full time members and give them the opportunity to learn as much as they can to prepare them for careers in the fire service. And we are going to start a mentor program for new members, so that the new members will not feel so lost and alone on the department. Should make for an interesting….busy year, but we are all up for the challenge.

  25. Minh H. says:

    I work for Avalon Security, and I guard car lots from mid night to morning.
    I do wear my magnum spider boots at work, but I use those mainly for playing airsoft during the weekends. They save me from plenty of sprained ankles and face planting.
    Goal this year is finishing my degree and hopefully get an internship this year.

  26. RichC says:

    I am a professional birding field guide. Spending months in the field I have adopted a in flexibility dress. During the month of June I’m in Nome Alaska.
    Alaska has big swings in weather so layer is important. I advise my clients to dress to be flexible with the weather. Birding is a growing boomer industry, I’ve been birding for 45 years now. I am a semi -retired silicon marketing professional, so technology of fabric has always intriguing me.

  27. Tony H says:

    I am A cilvian Paramedic and a Combat Medicin the US Army Ga National Guard HOOAH. I wear Magnums when I am on and off duty.

  28. Robert T. says:

    I am a civilian paramedic in one of the busiest systems in our area, for one of the largest companies in our state. I am also a full time firefighter in the town I grew up where generations of my family were on the job prior, and a per diem dispatcher for a neighbor fire department. I work with numerous communities, and love it every single day. The goals I have for the upcoming year is to get more community outreach with our departments, and just continue with the positive public image that we all need to keep as a strong presence in our communities.

  29. Jack D. says:

    I’m a full time paramedic and a part time firefighter. Goals for this new year include getting accepted to my county’s tech rescue team, finding a full-time spot on a department, and furthering my paramedicine knowledge and practices.

  30. Bone says:

    Me? I work for several employers performing Prehospital Emergency Medicine. When I am not doing that, I volunteer for the American Red Cross in a couple of different disciplines, at a camp for grieving children, and our local disaster and medical response.

    My goals for 2012 are simple and stright-forward: Just do more than I did in 2011, in furthuring my education, in helping others, and whatever else needs to be done.

  31. JAson says:

    Peace Officer. Duties are patrol and traffic… My goal for this year is to get in better shape.

  32. Fred says:

    I’m a maintenance technician, who’s duties include forlift maintenance/repair, also electrical, plumbing, fabrication, carpentry, and etc. for a large Wal-Mart grocery dist. center.

    There will be a manager position opening up this yr. I plan to go for it, in honor of my current manager who is leaving to take over where his father left off in a family business. His father passed suddenly in a matter of a few weeks. Wish me luck, it will be an up hill battle.

  33. Michael says:

    Volunteer Firefighter/EMT-B, Disaster Preparedness/CERT/CPR, AED, First Aid Instructor. All that in addition to working multiple other jobs and going to school. Ambitions for 2012, getting hired with a full time fire department.

  34. Frank Scirpo says:

    Full time police officer, firearms instructor, less lethal force instructor, partolman.

    Professional Goals for this year, get in better shape, continue to bring the best possible training to my department.

  35. Patrick says:

    I am a Deputy Sheriff and the father of one. I enjoy doing law enforcement and spending time with my family.

  36. B. Lane says:

    I am a CNC Machinist, working mainly on swiss type screw machines. If I am not at work I am spending time with my wife and daughter.

    My goal for this year is to get my boat fixed up and head down to the Columbia and Snake river for the 1st time.

  37. Jim says:

    I am a Police Chief in rural eastern Colorado, as with many small agencies, I wear several hats. I am all about the safety and welfare of the kids! I do everything from traffic to major crime investigations.

    2012 goals are to spend more time with the kids and get in better shape!

  38. Alan says:

    Work PT security. My goals for 2012 is to catch up financially and put away some savings and put money away for a new pickup truck.

  39. Brand and enrollment marketing for a community college; lead workshops and teach classes about social media and marketing; blog about marketing and music; and fulltime fishing dad. Goals for 2012: learn more, write more, share more, fish more.

  40. Charlie Dorminey says:

    I just recently opened my own business designing and creating vinyl signs. Its still in the opening stages but steady process with give me a complete grand opening at the end of January. My biggest goal is to do what ever it takes to get Timeless Design up and running to the full potential.

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  42. Larry Loutzenheiser says:

    I work in a lower level prison as a guard. The pod I work in houses 196 inmates. Although it’s a lower level prison there are several inmates who have committed heavy duty crimes. These inmates, through good behavior, have earned the right to a lower level institution. My goal for this year is to continue to treat these men as recovering individuals, rather than criminals serving time and, to prepare them for a successful re-entry as productive citizens living among us.

  43. David Roach says:

    I am a US Army veteran and current Federal LEO. My primary goal, as is each day, is to ensure I do my job with the most honor,dignity,integrity and professionalism, as is possible. My big goals this year are to complete the last 5 classes of my current degree program and to begin the pursuit of a masters degree. There is no greater honor than to advocate and serve all members of our society.

  44. Cody Morgan says:

    I am a High School Student. I’m an avid fisherman. It doesn’t matter what type of fishing because I love it all. I spear fish, I am a First Responder and a resue diver. I volunteer at the local Fire Station. On my spare time I ride my dirt bike and practice welding.
    My 2012 Goal is complete my training so I can be a Master Diver before by the end of year and train really hard so I can be prepared to go to Coast Guard Academy when I graduate.
    Please add me to your giveaway.

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