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Published On April 19, 2012 »» By Dan Rice » Apparel, Fishing
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Intrepid HPiWhen Magnum asked if I was interested in testing their new Intrepid HPi training shoe six months ago, I instantly jumped at the opportunity. I have been looking for a shoe where running, hiking and fishing can all be comfortably accomplished without carrying a suitcase full of footwear.

All characteristics aside, let’s talk about “break-in-time”. This is my biggest concern when purchasing new shoes or boots. Similar to all of my Magnum Boots, I found the Intrepid to be comfortable and easy to wear straight out of the box. This is especially important for military members who train several days a week, or for law enforcement officers who often find themselves on foot or bicycle in crowded and overpopulated scenarios such as music festivals, rallies and other public events.

Secondly, I wanted to examine the chance of blisters forming due to stiff sidewalls or slippage of the heel. During my six-year military stint, blisters bothered many men and women on a daily basis. Boots aren’t the only pieces of footwear that can wreak havoc on your vulnerable “hot spots”. With running and activity comes sweating, friction and other aspects that can contribute pain and swelling to the most aggravated body parts – to my surprise, Magnum once again passed with flying colors.

So what about the actual material characteristics? How do they perform or hold up? Let me tell you what types of environments these shoes have been through: pavement, graveled roads, rain, snow, sleet, hail and ice. The only time I really put the Intrepid away was during our first big snow storm of the year. Are they the most accomplished winter shoe? No, but that’s why most of us own seasonal footwear in the first place. They’re a little too breathable for Winter environments, so keep your Magnum Boots on standby.

So what about the negative comments? My only complaint with the Intrepid is that they are so breathable and lightweight, I have on occasion been left with cold toes. Not completely frozen, but yes, cold feet. While I cannot hold Magnum responsible for my choosing of inappropriate footwear, the breathability feature has performed flawlessly when the shoe is worn in “non-freezing” environments. For anyone who struggles with hot feet or sweaty socks during the Spring and Summer, say hello to your perfect pair of running shoes. As long as the temperatures are above 32°, you should have no issues with cold feet in “still” environments such as fishing.

Running and jogging in the Intrepid  helps reduce pain and strains. Venturing back to the days where I participated in track and ice hockey, I eventually came down with shin splints. While I’m not active on a daily basis currently, I have found that exercising every other day has not inflamed my shins at all. In fact, my Nike and Reebok shoes hardly leave the closet at this point. Don’t believe me? Ask my wife, she has purchased “dress shoes” for me because she says my Magnum’s don’t go well with dress attire. Go ahead and laugh, I really have worn them with everything.

From their VERY lightweight and breathable characteristics, Magnum has ventured outside the “norm” for footwear manufacturers.  The reflective styling for runner safety and a removable footbed are two of the most underrated features in footwear, and to be honest, are quite difficult to find.  Add Ion-mask protection, which repels liquids in correlation with the seamless upper design, and there is no other training shoe that can go toe-to-toe with the Intrepid HPi from Magnum Boots USA.

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