Magnum Boots Nano Tec Polo Winner

Published On January 9, 2012 »» By Dan Rice » Contests and Giveaways
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Magnum Nano Tec Winner

The RD Nano Tec Polo from Magnum Boots USA goes to a reader who works tirelessly through the night to protect automobiles and people from danger. Minh H. of Avalon Security was randomly chosen by our newest giveaway “winner picker”, a program that collects your comments and chooses the recipient. Min rocks his Magnum Spider’s on the airsoft range for the most part, but will definitely put the Nano Tec Polo to good use.

I would like the opportunity to say that each and every person who commented on the original post has enlightened me with how much hard work and sacrifice many Magnum fans endure on a daily basis. From military to law enforcement, to firearms instructors to sales representatives, many of you work long hours and ultimately sacrifice your family and friends to lend your expertise to others in need. A huge “thank you” is never enough.

Stay tuned as we still have (2) Magnum Boots Giveaways in the works. For all the latest on Magnum, check out their blog, as well as their Facebook and Twitter channels!

Magnum Nano Tec Rules


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  1. Minh says:

    Yeah! You guys are awesome.

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