LIVETARGET Emerald Shiner Jerkbait Review

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LIVETARGET Emerald Shiner Jerkbait FHC Outdoors


You can dead stick them, rip them and everything in-between. The LIVETARGET Emerald Shiner Jerkbait plays nicely with all variations of the technique and has been a tremendous smallmouth tool for me in 2014. It has become so successful for LIVETARGET, the company is now making additional colors enabling anglers more options for matching the hatch.

Seasonal Timing

To be quite honest, I thought this review would come much earlier in the year, but I’ve lost two to Pike and Tiger Muskie and generally end up waiting for my Tackle Warehouse shipments to arrive. It just goes to show that when you dial in a technique with the correct bait choice, there’s not much standing in the way of getting bit. Let’s face it, you too have probably lost a lure or two to toothy water wolves. But once you are around the bass – it’s game on!

Most recently, I hit Long Lake for a smallmouth adventure. I wound up not only catching numbers, but I caught several tournament worthy weigh-in fish in two key areas on the reservoir. The great thing about LIVETARGET’S Emerald Shiner Jerkbait is the fact that it looks different than everything else being thrown, and due to the bait’s nose down appearance, appears as an easy meal for predators.

Location, Location, Location

LiveTarget Emerald Shiner JerkbaitWhen it comes to the details in where to fish this bait in the spring or fall, I gravitate towards rocky points or deep breaks located just off of flats. Covering water is easy with a jerkbait; both the 3.5-inch and 4.5-inch models are perfectly suited for moving quickly to cover water. In clear water lakes and rivers, smallmouth bass will travel long distances to commit to the strike. If you can locate a channel edge that is home to rocks or weeds, the bait will inevitably be a successful choice from now through the end of the year.

Here in the Inland Northwest, there are two main colors that I suggest: 803 Pearl/Blue and 811 Silver/Black. Both colors are traditional smallmouth favorites and as soon as the water hits 60°F and continues to drop, the jerkbait should be a mainstay technique.

In the Details

I won’t have to explain LIVETARGET’S mission for attention to detail – clearly the company puts their effort into manufacturing highly lifelike lures, but I do want you to know that finally….after years of fishing jerkbaits, I have not had to replace split rings or treble hooks due to cheap hardware. When I look at the packaging and when I inspect each lure, I find consistency across the board. In a world of copy cats and cheap materials, LIVETARGET is standing out on its own to ensure the that THEIR CUSTOMERS are satisfied with each and every purchase. That’s respectable both on…and off the water. At a retail price of $14.99, quality is what you can and should expect.

Don’t forget to connect with LIVETARGET on Facebook and YouTube for the ultimate in fan photos and videos!

*If you would like help with getting started fishing jerkbaits, or want a second pair of eyes to look at potential areas on Google Maps, just email me through the contact form.

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