Kustom Kicker Dock Monkey Jig Review

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Kustom Kicker Dock Monkey Review


The Dock Monkey by Kustom Kicker Jigs is the ATV of bass jigs. Ultimately, this jig is made for flipping and skipping, but its strengths are definitely not limited. The jig head has a pointed nose for coming through cover; important for flipping and swimming, but the head is molded with a wide, flat bottom – perfect for skipping.

Besides these key features, the Dock Monkey comes in unique colors too. Most jigs encompass one type of skirt material; silicone or living rubber. Kustom Kicker uses both materials together, so color combinations are almost exclusive to the company. This is a very important note considering the market is flooded with identical skirts and head designs, often used from the same manufacturer of skirts. If you are the type of angler who looks for an edge against the competition, this is reason alone to visit the company’s Facebook page to read the latest reviews and fish catching photos.

What everyone wants to know though is how well theDock Monkey Smallmouth jig holds up in real fishing conditions? I had two jigs from the start and lost one to a tiger muskie on my first trip. Consider a goose egg for how many fish I landed with that one. Most recently, I fished the Northwest Bass Championship and hooked up on this smallmouth on the side of a slow, tapering point – nowhere near a dock may I add. The jig not only navigated the rocks just fine, it actually survived an area that captured 20 or so football jig heads throughout the first day of the tournament. Rack it up to the design? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Joe Choinere Dock MonkeyArmed with a Gamakatsu 5/0 Flipping Hook, there is little to be concerned about when it comes to swinging and buttoning the fish. Added realism comes from 3D eyes, which is a feature that seemingly continues to disappear in the industry. Weighing in at 3/8-ounce or ½-ounce models, the 60 degree flat eyelet is perfectly placed for your line to achieve the ultimate “skipping” angle. When skipping docks or other pieces of cover, you won’t find your line “twisting” around the skirt material because of the line tie placement being at 90° like other products. The 60° line tie on the Dock Monkey is a must have when it comes to catching big fish from underneath docks because the hook is always ready to finish what you started.

Round out the design with a heavy duty weed guard and this an excellent swim jig too. From crawling across rocks, to skipping docks, the Dock Monkey is a sure bet for big fish. The only thing you need to add is your favorite trailer. When an ounce counts, rely on Kustom Kicker! A big thanks to Joe Choinere for introducing me to the jig he relies on each and every trip.






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