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isolunar review

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The iSolunar fishing and hunting iPhone app ($4.99 on iTunes) combines the solunar theory with modern technology in an impressive app that reveals the best times to pursue your favorite game animals.

John Alden Knight originally developed the Solunar Theory in the 1930’s. He observed and journalized 33 variables and came to the conclusion that all fish and game, including bass, trout, deer and  turkey feed more heavily during certain times of the day and night.

As a “non-believer” in the Solunar Theory prior to using this app,  I do see the benefits of having the following information in the palm of your hand. The iSolunar app includes all of this and more:

  • Major and minor feeding periods
  • Ratings for each calendar day
  • Moon Rise
  • Overhead time
  • Moon Set
  • Underfoot
  • Illumination
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Weather Conditions (4-Day forecast for your area)
  • Trophy Room
  • Instructions, email results, specialized fishing and hunting themesisolunar location


After purchasing and downloading iSolunar, you will be launched into submitting your location. For you traveling outdoor enthusiasts, you are able to have multiple locations stored within the app for quick referencing. Choose your location and the app pulls up all of the necessary information within a split second.

Results Icon

This starting point gives you all of the major information up front with the day, major and minor feeding times, as well as that particular day’s rating. Touch the day you want to research, and you’re launched into a screen with even more detail. From your major and minor feeding times to sunrise and sunset information, you have a complete outlook on your area’s solunar schedule.

Calendar isolunar calendar

Viewing the Calendar tab gives you an entire month’s view of ratings. You are able to view many months ahead, so you organized planners out there can take a sigh of relief; iSolunar gives you the ability to plan your future fishing and hunting trips. Once again, you are able to view those in depth details just by touching  the orange “View Day Details” button.


Viewing the weather tab gives you current conditions, plus a 4-day forecast. This is very basic information like sunny or cloudy, and high or low temperatures, but the “current conditions” also gives you wind speed, wind direction and barometric pressure!

Trophy Room isolunar weather

This is one feature that I avoid because I have other apps and expensive camera gear when it comes to saving my catches and photography sessions. It is great to know that you are able to snap a photo within the app, enter the date/time,  description, location, size and weight of your catch. Additionally, there is even a “notes” box that allows you to free-type. This is a great spot to add any additional information regarding your fish or your fishing trip.


The last and final tab consists of these features:

  • Instructions
  • The ability to email your iSolunar results to any email address
  • An in depth look at the Solunar Theory
  • The ability to email the developers
  • Select a theme (bass, crappie, deer antlers, mallard, marlin, and many more)


The app launches within a couple of seconds and is immediately ready for navigation. A service connection is required to access the information, so be sure to plan your day accordingly if you fish rural areas like I do.

Results isolunar daily

When fishing is hot, you rarely need to adjust to the solunar recommendations, but when fishing is poor, the accuracy of iSolunar is surprisingly accurate. I have compared over 10 fishing trips to iSolunar AFTER each day on the water to avoid a biased opinion. Out of these fishing trips, I found 6 of my fishing trips (with less than average results) were closely matched with day ratings and feeding times that iSolunar provided.


Anglers who use iSolunar for practicality purposes will hardly find a more robust solunar app. As the most recommended on iTunes and highest rated solunar option, $4.99 seems like a steal. With the major feeding times available in your hand, the only person you have to blame for being late to the boat launch is yourself…that is, if you aren’t married.

*Compatibility as of 6/8/2011
iSolunar currently works with any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

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