Humminbird 570 DI Review

Published On November 4, 2011 »» By Dan Rice » Bass, Fishing, Gear Reviews, Technology
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Humminbird 570 DI Sonar Unit

Humminbird’s 570 DI is an entry level down imaging sonar unit that can elevate your success by enormous lengths. With an excellent price point, reliable hardware and more features than you can shake a dropshot rod at, the Humminbird 570 DI will give you serious information at a seriously affordable price.

This high resolution 12 level grayscale unit has a respectable 640V x 320H 5-inch display, along with DualBeam PLUS and Down Imaging sonar. With many other features, this particular model can be purchased for around $299. Try not to bother with comparing this unit to a Lowrance equal because you will not find a comparable model from Lowrance with these features for $299.

Down Imaging is most useful for looking through submerged trees. If you can picture a Christmas tree laying on the bottom of the lake, think about the possibility of seeing where those fish were hiding within its branches. Are the fish suspended just below the top of the tree, or are the bass hovering in the middle where it is hard to put a lure? Down Imaging is most effective for cover oriented environments and I learned a lot about targeting these tough-to-reach fish.

Humminbird’s DualBeam PLUS allows the sonar to read at a narrower 16° cone and at a wider 25° cone, either one at a time or both at the same time for ultra wide coverage beneath your boat. SwitchFire allows you to select back and forth between detail settings, either returning max level details that can pick up algae and small baitfish, to clear mode where only the more dominant features are returned. With an additional feature called Selective Fish ID, Humminbird allows the user to  view different sizes of fish on the sonar screen – all features working seamlessly together to give the clearest picture possible.

Beyond the technical specifications, one of the most important features comes with the ability to remove the sonar unit, called Quick Disconnect. This feature  is perfect for traveling or bouncing around to different lakes as theft and other disasters can be easily avoided.

Fishing without sonar most of my life, I can appreciate even the most basic of features. Water temp, depth and down imaging can make finding suspended fish a breeze. While the 570 DI won’t catch fish for you, the sonar unit is probably one of the most well rounded entry level units your money can buy. Now that’s worth shaking a dropshot rod at. Check out a few fish that I credit to using Humminbird sonar in my 2011 Photo Gallery.

Display Size5 inch diagonal
Display Pixel Matrix640V x 320H
Display TypeFSTN LCD
Down Imaging 455 kHz / 75° @ -10db
800 kHz / 45° @ -10db
DualBeam PLUS200 kHz / 25° @ -10db
455 kHz / 16° @ -10db
Target Separation2.5 inches
Power Output (RMS)500 Watts (RMS)
Power Output (PEAK)4000 Watts (PEAK)
TemperatureBuilt in transducer
SpeedCapable, but optional
MountQuick Disconnect
Unit Size7" H x 7" W x 4" D
Transducer MountingInside hull or transom
Power Input10-20 VDC
Power DrawLights Off: 200mA
Price as tested$299.99

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