How to Fish the Shaky Head

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how to fish the shaky head

Finesse techniques are crucial in the Pacific Northwest and you need to know how to fish the shaky head a part of your game. Much like the dropshot, the shaky head allows you to slow down and thoroughly cover an area. Unlike other presentations, the shaky head will attract a wide variety of strikes. From pre-spawning females to the dog days of summer, you simply cannot go wrong with tying on a shaky head.


I prefer a light to medium rod for the shaky head; something like a dropshot specific rod works perfectly. If available, I recommend P-Line 8lb Fluorocarbon and a ¼ oz shaky head. When it comes to the soft plastic, Roboworms are hard to beat and my latest favorite, the Owner Shaky Worm, has been a top performer. If you’re looking for color recommendations, dark colors such as green and purple have been a couple of my favorites.

My Go-To Tips

1) In the summer, cast as close to structure as possible. This means rocks, stumps, or weedlines.
2) Do not overwork the bait. Hop it and twitch it, but do so very gently.
3) Keep a semi-slack line, but tight enough for you to feel gentle bites.
4) Hook sets are free. If your line moves, set the hook.


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