How to Fish The Huddleston Deluxe Swimbait

Published On January 31, 2016 »» By Dan Rice » How To
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Huddleston Deluxe SwimbaitsThis article is meant to unleash some details about how and where to fish The Huddleston Deluxe swimbait. If you fish Washington or Idaho, chances are, you probably don’t throw 8-inch swimbaits, or rarely hear of angler catching fish with them. There are a few big bait enthusiasts in our area, but the premise requires heavy rods, heavier line and a can-do attitude that often brings zero fish days. Making up for those zero fish days can be the most exciting part about the sport of bass fishing though – trophy anglers understand the reasons why.

Swimbaits appeal to not only big fish, but bass period. 2-pounders can eat them and 3-pounders will too. The biggest chance of catching quality fish in our area on swimbaits will often bring 5 and 6-pound largemouth bass that completely inhale Huddleston swimbaits head first. You think choking a crankbait is impressive? Nah…wait until you see the 8-inch Huddleston disappear into the gullet. Now that’s impressive.

If I had to pick one swimbait for pre-spawn, it would be the Huddleston 68 Weedless because you have to be able to fish hard cover, such as docks, as well as flip to the inside weedlines. The reason is simple, our northern largemouth move in and out depending on our cold fronts, weather systems and unbalanced spring weather. If I had to buy one swimbait to get started, it would be the 68 Special for its versatility.

Now if you have the funds and the gear to throw bigger baits, the 8-inch Huddleston Deluxe is the “mother” of all swimbaits. Everything is compared to this swimbait, so naturally, if others are catching fish on it out here in the West, it’s a shoe-in when it comes to buying decisions. You can be confident that big bait enthusiasts are catching big bass on Huddleston’s coast to coast.

I get asked when and where to throw them and the answer is not simple. It’s not simple because there are days I can get bit, and others where “followers” plague my results. But here’s the biggest thing, swimbaits can draw fish out from docks, weedlines, rip rap and anywhere that often looks like a dead zone. Pick one up, start throwing it and watch the magic for yourself. There is no better time to start throwing the Huddleston brand. From now through June, if you give it an honest effort, you will become a believer in the drawing power of swimbaits.

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