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BassTEK Tungsten Jig Largemouth BassJigs are big fish baits. They catch huge smallmouth and largemouth. I get asked a lot about jigs from my YouTube channel, so I will follow up with an article to help you catch more and bigger fish with one of the greatest tools available.

Head Shape

Forget all of the different head shapes that you can buy. At most, you only need two. First, my favorite is a football head jig. I use these for most applications. If you only have money to buy one type of jig, but a 1/2-ounce football head. Fish it around rocks, docks and open water.

I also like swim jig heads. These are great for swimming, but also around lily pad stalks and dollar pads. If there are weeds where you are fishing, try and swim jig.


There are so many colors, yet there are two that I catch most of my fish on. These are a black/blue combination and green pumpkin. With these two colors, you can cover any water clarity that you’ll come across. How’s that for saving money?


Now location plays a big part in catching big fish and numbers of fish. To be quite honest, the 7-pounders that I’ve caught generally stay away from other fish. My point here is that you have to approach the situation to your end objective: are you pre-fishing for a tournament or our trophy hunting?

If you are fishing a tournament and need numbers, main points and secondary points are great for catching a lot of bass. These are high percentage areas and are great starting points. If you are like me, and prefer to catch big fish, then you have to do a lot more homework as to where you are casting. In-between those main and secondary points, are generally stretches of shoreline that are home to rocks, boulders and transition areas. These are the keys to big bass!

Where to buy

I am a Tackle Warehouse kind of guy. They have great prices, will price match the competition and they have the broadest selection of lures, rods and reels due to their distribution relationships. Here’s the link to all of their jigs in stock. Tackle Warehouse Jigs





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