Helping An Injured Owl

Published On September 28, 2010 »» By Dan Rice » Uncategorized
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Identifying this little guy is a challenge, but I am going to say it is a “Northern Saw-Whet”. There are a few different species that resemble this color pattern, but the “white” band around the eyes is a major characteristic of this particular owl, along with it’s lack of ear tufts.

Regardless of its true identity, my mom found this little guy just minutes after leaving my house. It was sitting on the side of the road; eye and wing injuries apparent. I gathered a box, and a towel and gently scooped it up with my hands. A quick trip to the vet, and we are currently awaiting word on its condition.

We did not know that a veterinarian has to have a wildlife “permit” in order to accept non-domesticated animals. If you ever find a wild creature, a quick phone call to your local vet might help you avoid unnecessary trips.

Here’s to hoping this little guy, or girl, will make a full recovery!

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Dan Rice is an outdoor writer from Spokane, Washington. He writes for his website, FHC Outdoors, and is a contributing writer to Western Bass Magazine. Be sure to visit his YouTube channel for action on film!

3 Responses to Helping An Injured Owl

  1. Kyle J Wolf says:

    Dan, I am curious what type of owl this is too. I am really impressed on how you took this situation and opportunity to help this little fella’. Personally let me know what the outcome is.

  2. Kyle J Wolf says:

    Good, hope that little fella’ is alright

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