Fisherman Eyewear Marlin Sunglass Review

Published On August 20, 2013 »» By Dan Rice » Bass, Technology, Video Vault
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Fisherman Eyewear  Marlin

The most underrated piece of fishing gear has to be the glasses that protect your eyes. Ask any angler – polarized glasses are a must, but with so many different companies and models, it is quite hard to tame the decision process of purchasing a great pair of polarized fishing glasses without regretting the price.

This review should make your decision very easy.

The company is Fisherman Eyewear, which has been around for nearly forty years. Their main focus was to bring affordability to the table, along with durability, functionality and stylish designs. You are often forced to choose between cheap sunglasses (with restrictive sizes and downright ugly designs) or sunglasses that rival a car payment. There’s no need to spend several hundred dollars on polarized glasses these days…technological advancements bring many of the same attributes to your eyes at a fraction of the cost.

I picked up the Marlin series from Fisherman Eyewear and noticed how well constructed the frames were. The lenses were tight and the hinges appeared strong out of the box. There was no weak spot in the frame, nor the hardware. At a retail price of $24.99, Fisherman Eyewear immediately grabbed my attention.

What matters most with your glasses is the on-the-water performance. You should be looking for quality components and how well the lenses perform throughout the day. The black frame/gray lenses allowed me to spot fish well before I anticipated. Not only will Fisherman Eyewear help you dial in on sight-fishing techniques, but visually picking up on schools of minnows and baitfish will allow you to target feeding bass. If you can see them, you can catch them!

“A heritage of building durable, technically functional and supremely stylish sunglasses – still at an affordable price.”

I recommend gray lenses for all-around fishing conditions. From partly cloudy to bright sunny days, these are the best choice for fishing glasses. If you fish low-light conditions, or need a second pair for adverse conditions (such as storms, rain,etc) then brown lenses will help your vision tremendously.

The second most important attribute for your polarized glasses is the warranty. All Guideline Polarized Eyegear products are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the product. This warranty does not cover damage from normal wear or abuse, such as scratched lenses. Guideline will either repair or replace, at their discretion, any pair of Guideline Polarized Eyegear product which is found to be defective. How’s that for affordable?

The Marlin features a cut-back wrap design offering fail proof coverage. Its modified square wrap style frame constructed from a light weight and durable Polycarbonate cover most head shapes, and features polarized, durable and 100% UV A and B ray protective TAC lens with a thickness of 1.0 mm.

Accessories include a draw string cotton storage bag for protection – all of these features and support for $24.99!

Check out Fisherman Eyewear by visiting their website, or connecting with them on Facebook. Or by visiting their online store. Here are a couple videos of me using my Marlins for the ultimate goal. Searching, seeing and catching!

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