El Grande Lures Hatch-Match Sticks

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El Grande Lures Hatch-Match Sticks

There comes a time when we all throw a worm. We rig them on shakey heads and we rig them wacky style. Heck,  we even use them on the drop shot. Just about every angler I know has a package (or many packages) of Senkos. Even though they are the most successful bait of all time, many view the Senko as a last resort type of bait.

The fishing industry is flooded with the same old styles of worms. We crave difference because anglers are always looking for a competitive edge. In order to gain this edge over the next guy or gal, we often find different ways to rig the bait. Instead of focusing on the external factors, El Grande Lures has focused on the worm itself.

El Grande Lures is a company that you may or may not be familiar with and the company has gone beyond “comfortable” with their new Hatch-Match Stick. Fish and other prey often encompass three main colors, so why are we constantly forced to choose between solid colors or patterns that are two-tone? Crankbaits and other lures such as swimbaits come in realistic patterns!

The Hatch-Match Stick is 5.25” long and weighs approximately .2 ounces. The real difference when compared to other products on the market comes with its triple laminate mold. Take three different colors and combine them into one worm in similar patterns that resemble perch, bluegill, bass and other baitfish. This is the competitive edge that you’ve been looking for.

The mold is durable and the colors are insane, but this drastic change in the process has caught on with many anglers across the country. For $4.49, you get (7) Hatch-Match Sticks in a package. As a bonus, El Grande Lures also lays them to rest in El Grande Tequila; their famous scent and attractant.

This will be my first season using El Grande’s Hatch-Match Sticks, but I truly feel that their products will help put fish in the boat. The company also offers (3) other products that are useful for different techniques, including:

  • Gila Monster – 8.75” Lizard
  • Tube – 4” Tube with solid head for durability
  • Sapo – 4” Toad for topwater presentations

I have introduced you to El Grande Lures, so make sure to take a closer look at what the company has to offer. From weekend warriors to tournament anglers, El Grande Lures is sure to make a name for themselves for outstanding products and innovative features. Don’t get left behind!

NameHatch-Match Sticks
CompanyEl Grande Lures
MaterialTriple Laminate Soft Plastic
PresentationMultiple presentations
DepthDependent on weight used
Weight.2 oz
Colors(12) Baby Bass, Bluegill, Bonita Shad, Catalpa, Perch, Threadfin Shad, Tilapia, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Red, Junebug, Mardi Gras, Mississippi Mud
AttractantEl Grande Tequila
Price$3.99 from Tackle Warehouse

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