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Duo Realis – a striking name in an ever-changing world of fishing tackle. What’s more important than a name in the fishing industry? The quality and end product a company sends to the retail market.

Fit. Finish. Functional use. Duo Realis remarkably passes all three.

It is rare to find a fishing tackle company that puts effort into all three areas. Blistering paint jobs? Duo has it. Unique propositions? Duo has it. Fish catching offerings? Duo lands them.
This Japanese tackle company began in August of 1995. I became aware of their existence last Fall, after talking with Tyler Brinks over at TBrinksFishing.com. He showed me a bait. I got online. The rest is history as they say.

There are several baits that I have been accustomed to – The Popper 64, Vibration 68 and Pencil 110. Each has caught me fish and each has opened my eyes to one of the most detail-oriented companies to ever hit the American lakes and rivers that anglers are slashing every weekend.

If I could offer Masahiro Adachi any advice, it would be to bring more lures to American anglers. As I was writing this article, Duo answered my call: the Duo Spinbait.

This light-gear presentation takes a prop styled bait and adds an entirely new dimension to light-line techniques. Generally speaking, 6-pound and 8-pound line on American lakes and rivers are the typical light line standards. Now, the Spinbait technique calls for 4-pound and 5-pound line.

So what does this bait do that others simply cannot achieve? Increased body roll, smooth rotation and a slim profile to attract the biggest of bass. With hot Summer temperatures, or fish hovering near the thermocline, Duo Realis is once again adjusting their sights to not only prove their lures are valuable, but that their vision is to exceed your expectations, cast by cast, bass by bass.

Please stay tuned for detailed reviews of Duo Realis lures, right here at FHC Outdoors.

Duo Realis Vibration


Duo Realis Pencil 110


Duo Realis Spinbait

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