Drop Shot Spectacle

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Lake Shasta

Photograph by Rene Rivers

As the sound of blast off roared over the surface of Lake Shasta, memory lane quickly captured the intensity and dedication that tournament anglers carry. The echoes of bass boats racing over the still calm water slowly faded as we dropped the trolling motor and made our first cast, or should I say first drop?

The Drop Shot is a technique introduced from Japan in the late 1990s. The setup requires a spinning reel and rod, light line such as 6-8lb fluorocarbon and smaller profile plastics. It is a great presentation for tight lipped fish or finicky eaters and was our main stay technique throughout the day where we finished in 6th place among 40 college teams.

The Drop Shot.

Dave Russell had a couple of Lowrance sonar units on the boat that were crucial to our success on Lake Shasta. We were able to find underwater brush piles and concentrate on certain depth ranges. The key was finding channels or flats that had drop offs on each side that also fell within 30-35 feet of water.

My Rig

PLine 100% FluorocarbonThis was my first trip with PLine Fluorocarbon and was very impressed with its strength and manageability. For any finesse presentation, fluorocarbon will greatly help keep your line from alerting fish. I paired the PLine 8lb test with Owner Mosquito hooks for a perfect landing ratio. At the tag end was ¼ ounce Voss drop shot weight that allowed for easy contact with the lake floor.

For the drop shot worm, we used 4.5” Roboworms. In my opinion, there is no better drop shot worm due to their overall profile, salt release system, and durability. With increasing patterns and available colors, it’s hard to overlook this outstanding bait that helped more anglers than any other soft plastic at this particular FLW College Fishing event.

Drop Shot
If you need some advice on drop shot rigs or would like to add any of your own advice, don’t forget to leave a comment below or check out our forum for additional conversation.

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  2. Kyle J Wolf says:

    I just learned a lot, finally everything FLW was talking about last week makes sense. 🙂 good article Dan!

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