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The Live Eye Bottom Walker is a very easy-to- use lure that comes ready-to-go out of the package. The lure boasts a traditional design, but stands out from the competition through twelve realistic color patterns to meet your specific needs and an action that scrapes the bottom with ease.

At four inches long, this pre-rigged swimbait runs true without needing to alter the bait in any way, shape, or form. The profile is perfect for Fall fishing because smaller minnows and baitfish tend to relocate to shallow water. Time it right, and this imitator won’t let you down.

Begin fishing it over points, channels, and structure. This will allow the Bottom Walker to make contact with the cover you are fishing. The majority of largemouth this year came from a slow retrieve, without any erratic movements. I noticed this pattern more so than ever, especially once the water temperatures began to drop into the low 60s.

If your water is clear or lightly stained, then you may be able to visually spot small minnows near the surface. If this is the case, you need to accurately mimic their movement and tendencies. The Bottom Walker isn’t the ideal bait for running right under the surface, but it can be done if you maintain a high rod tip and a quicker than normal retrieve. It can cover the entire water column and can be fished at any speed; it’s a true multitasker.

With the body being soft plastic, short strikes or missed strikes tend to tear the bait right behind the hook.  This is common with pre-rigged swimbaits, so I recommend keeping a tube or bottle of soft bait repair glue on hand to salvage it’s cast life. Should you find that the minnow body can no longer resist its fate, tear the body off of the weighted hook and continue using the hardware for other purposes, such as tying your own custom jigs or using the weighted hook for other soft plastic lures.

While I have had the most success with cooler temperatures, I realize that I still have not taken full advantage of what the Bottom Walker has to offer. Comparatively speaking, they’ve caught fish when other swimbaits couldn’t even swim straight.

Click HERE to purchase the Live Eye Bottom Walker, or HERE for the weedless version.

NameLive Eye Bottom Walker 100
MaterialSoft Plastic
PresentationSwimbait - Sinking
DepthVaries upon retrieve
Length4 inches
Weight5/8 ounce
Hardware4/0 VMC Hooks
Price$4.99 - Pack of 4
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