Bomber 4A Crankbait Review

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I first began fishing Bomber lures around the age of twelve; I would fish them all day long for one simple reason: the lures produced results. Today, I have several different models, but this review is all about the “4A”.

The Bomber 4A is a versatile crankbait that comes in 13 different colors from the factory. For Spring and Fall fishing, the 3-6 foot diving range is perfect for targeting those shallow dwellers. At 2.7 inches long, it’s thinner profile is also a great way of imitating smaller minnows that aren’t difficult to swallow. The lure weighs in at 5/16 ounce, making it a solid choice for calm or lightly winded days. The crankbait runs true out of the package, and that’s a quality that we’ve all come to expect. All this for around five bucks.

The round bill is excellent for light bumps against structure, such as rocks and logs. The crank has painted red eyes that give the lure a realistic look for the bass to target. Most of all, the #6 hooks are sharp and will provide the hook-up that you so desperately need.

I caught many fish this year on the 4A, and it certainly has a valuable place in my tackle box. I enjoy the durable hardware, and it’s great looks. For clear water conditions, chartreuse blue (pictured) is a solid color. If you’re fishing stained or muddy water, try a pattern such as Royal Red. No matter which color you go with, Bomber will help you land more bass in a shorter period of time. It’s been a pleasure 4A; you’re already getting me excited for opening season in 2011.

Pros: Durability, Hardware, Color Options, and Price.
Cons: A little light for windy days, but manageable.

Final Decision

I wouldn’t be caught without a Bomber lure in my tackle box, especially when discussing the 4A. It’s slim profile and shorter stance is just too powerful in the Spring and Fall. If you are not getting hit with a steady retrieve, incorporate a “stop-and-go” presentation into your arsenal, and hold on tight. This is a great lure from a dedicated company that will impress you to say the least.

To take a closer look at the 4A, visit the product page over at Tackle Warehouse by clicking here.

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Dan Rice is an outdoor writer from Spokane, Washington. He writes for his website, FHC Outdoors, and is a contributing writer to Western Bass Magazine. Be sure to visit his YouTube channel for action on film!

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  1. Bard Borger says:

    Great Lure! Definitely one of my favorites.

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