BassTEK Tungsten Jig Review

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BassTEK Tungsten Jig Largemouth Bass

The biggest improvement to jigs just may surprise you. No, it’s not skirt materials. Nope, not even head design. In my opinion, the most influential advancement is tungsten. This is your introduction into a very well respected brand of tungsten jigs; BassTEK Tungsten Jigs.

Size is important, don’t let anyone tell you differently. Under the water, we often change lure sizes and profiles to induce reaction strikes and feeding strikes by mimicking various types of prey. While we change colors, trailers and just about everything else, the one thing that has remained constant are the sizes of jig heads used across the board. A ½-ounce jig head is the same size, no matter which brand you choose. Same goes with ¾-ounce and so on. Tungsten has changed not only the “feel”, but also the profile in what we’ve been accustomed to. In combination with sensitivity, this is why the future of bass jigs is tungsten.

BassTEKWhile more and more companies invest in tungsten material, BassTEK came to the market in January of 2013. The company’s co-founders wanted to create a product that they couldn’t find on the shelves. To date, these quality jigs come in flipping models, football head models and unskirted jig heads for your arsenal of plastics. Another tremendous product from BassTEK is the Jig Sling, a piece of rubber that helps keep your trailers secure. There’s quite a bit of vision here from the consumer side. These types of innovations are what keep the industry moving forward, so I highly recommend trying this accessory if changing trailers leaves your wallet open.

From a component standpoint, BassTEK’s football and flipping jigs are of the highest quality that I have tested. In the last year alone, I have purchased over ten different manufacturers of jigs. The reason is simple: I’m constantly looking for improvements from the industry. I like to shove away the copy-cats and support companies who are making a difference for us who just want to catch fish. The skirts are top notch and BassTEK’s hooks are stout, but what one characteristic am I most impressed with? Would you believe me if I told you the paint? It’s true. I was amazed to see that the paint on my football head was still intact after catching numerous fish and fishing around natural lava rock – most other jigs would have lost the paint alltogether.

There are so many characteristics to commend BassTEK on. These tungsten jigs have advanced my feel underwater, have given me more confidence above the water and their jigs have been helping me catch fish after fish. Not only quantity, but quality too. I stand here today and tell you that besides a swimbait, there is no better “big fish” bait than a jig – and BassTEK is on the front line.

With BassTEK covering all popular weights, anglers can be sure to find a well-stocked inventory of 3/8, ½ and ¾-ounce jigs direct from BassTEK at, or at retailers such as Tackle Warehouse. You better hurry though, these shipments tend to go quickly. It appears other anglers have caught onto BassTEK, so it appears the secret was let out long before I had the chance to tell you about them.

That’s okay though, because BassTEK is certainly here to stay. Don’t forget to check out BassTEK on Facebook and YouTube – There’s some great tips and photos being shared!


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    it on first, lure when I hit the water. Typically I tie on a small FireTiger Pattern Rapala using a jig loop knot as we are pulling away from the lncauh. It is quick and easy to get in the water, and in the early

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