Badger Lake 2nd Place Recap

Published On August 28, 2015 »» By Dan Rice » News, Tournaments
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Dan Rice 2nd Badger Lake Aug 2015

Spokane Bass Club hit Badger Lake this year on August 9th, 2015. It was a tournament that many struggled with, but a few of us got into some bigger fish with varying techniques. I drew a good friend, Bob Trukositz as my boater. As the top “non-boater” in the AoY Standings, Bob immediately told me to prepare to be on the front of the boat for the tournament.  It surprised me on one hand, but didn’t surprise me on the other.

First and foremost, Bob has been a close fishing friend of mine for several years. It seems like we chug along on all pistons, effortlessly fishing next to each other on weekends when our schedules permit. Call it what you want, but it’s hard to find another guy who you can fish alongside of without having differences of opinion on location, lures, equipment and strategies. His nickname is Whack-A-Hog for good reason. We both like to search for those big bites and I need to say THANK YOU to him for allowing me to fish at the front. This tournament may have been completely different if I had been paired with another boater.

lews-logoSince growing up on Badger Lake, there are numerous spots that have grown accustomed to bigger bass. With the lake being stocked full of trout and the bass having a plentiful supply of crayfish, both swimbaits and jigs are effective year round. I chose to hit an area with a 1/2-ounce Strike King Football Jig, paired up with the Rage Craw as a trailer. Color doesn’t matter much on Badger, but being patient and letting the jig sit for a prolonged period of time is crucial.

I pretty much had one rod and reel all day long as my workhorse – my Team Lew’s Pro and Fenwick Aetos. The reel allows me to make insanely long casts and the backbone of the rod is easy to fish in 30+ feet of water. Together, I honestly feel like the equipment helped me keep my fish buttoned and headed to the boat. In a tournament where ounces decides those who take home checks, a missed fish is something I didn’t have to worry about. I finished in 2nd place right behind TJ Merrell.

All in all, I made a switch to Seaguar last year and can’t say enough good things about the line. I’ve really tried to be honest in my videos, show people what I’m using and give them the information they need to excel on their own fishing trips. While some may alter or change up my suggestions, the feedback has been awesome. If you have any questions, feel free to use the ‘contact’ page and shoot it my way.

For full results, weights and payouts, please visit Spokane Bass Club.

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