ABT Lures X2 Mini Review

Published On December 20, 2012 »» By Dan Rice » Gear Reviews, Lures
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ABT Lures X2 Mini

There’s nothing small about the ABT X2 Mini – except for its overall length. That’s only because we are getting used to bigger is better. But not so fast…that isn’t always the case. Finesse used to translate into ‘smaller’, but dropshot anglers are now using bigger plastics. So let’s forget about size for a minute.

The ABT Lures X2 Mini is a 14 foot diving crankbait designed to do one thing – get to one of the most efficient diving depths as quickly as possible, while running straight out of the box. Only this time, you can throw it on spinning gear or casting gear. The choice is yours. The hardware is good-to-go as well. No changing out stock hooks on this bad boy.

I have a few lures that I want to share with you and this crankbait is at the top of the list. Not because it measures two inches and not because it weights 7/16 of an ounce. I want you to know about this crankbait because it flat out catches fish. Regardless of size, stature and profile. My confidence has gained traction enormously due to this X2 Mini (Color pictured: Creek Craw).

I first fished this crank in a Fall transition, but there are two seasons where this bait will shine. Spring and Summer. You see, when largemouth and smallmouth get ready to spawn, they often move in from creek channels and main lake points. This is the crankbait you need at this time of the season. It covers 12-14 feet very comfortably. Creek Craw color comes highly recommended during this time too.

For Summer transitions, fish often feed up shallow early in the morning. As the sun rises and the temperatures increase, you’ll find fish roaming the shallows until the sun penetrates the water with intense rays. At this time, you can target shallow cover while flipping and pitching, or you can back off 20-30 yards and target rock shelves, offshore structure and dropoffs for those lucrative females.

To catch crankbait fish in the nastiest of storms, it takes a special lure that can turn ‘negative’ fish into lure thrashers. For this very reason, I highly recommend the ABT X2 Mini because it is in fact smaller than most of the competition, but also because it reaches depths that other popular lures simply cannot run at when comparing the bill and body shape. ABT Lures did a magnificent job with the profile of the X2 Mini; this translates into an angler’s ability to catch smallmouth and largemouth in numbers that usually are not seen under increased pressure changes.

If you would like to try the ABT Lures X2 Mini for yourself, be sure to take a look at Tackle Warehouse. The reviews here speak for themselves – and regardless of size, this crankbait is tearing up your favorite honey hole. So don’t get left without a livewell full of linesides and bronzebacks. Get you some ABT.

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