ABT Lures Banshee Swimbait Review

Published On July 23, 2012 »» By Dan Rice » Gear Reviews, Lures
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4.5-Inch ABT Lures Banshee
Swimming action is the key ingredient for successful swimbait fishing. From coast to coast, there is no better ‘big fish’ bait, but finding the right places to fish a swimbait is not the biggest obstacle – choosing the right action is.

The ABT Banshee is one of those swimbaits that can be fished by itself, or as part of an umbrella rig, such as the ABT Multi-Rig. Its presence in the water reminds me of the seductive S-pattern of the Spro BBZ models, but ABT allows the everyday angler to grab a hold of one of these 4.5-inch models for the retail price of $10.99, as the bait weighs in at ½ ounce.

Banshee TroutThe incredible lifelike patterns are as close to real prey as a manufacturer can get, thanks to ABT’s ‘Natural Image Transfer’ finish. The steel hardware ensures durability, and the best overall characteristic is the angler’s ability to fish this swimbait in any part of the water column. The ABT Banshee is a very versatile bait and due to its lightweight profile, you can throw it on a spinning or casting setup. Pick your poison and let the Banshee fly.

Speaking of casting, this is a flat-sided swimbait so beginners might not understand its tendency to ‘helicopter’ if casted overhand. A side cast has helped me avoid major issues, but just know that without a weight-transfer system or heavy stature, windy conditions can wreak havoc on casting accuracy. To combat this, use the wind to your advantage.

Banshee SmallmouthThe first question I get asked is; “Is the swimbait worth the money,” and I say absolutely. Jerkbaits and crankbaits often reach this price range, but swimbaits of this quality are usually double the price. As a pro-staff member for ABT Lures, I admire the company’s innovative ideas. Allen Borden is a former Strike King lure designer who saw a need for specialty lures, now called “The Next Generation” series.

With its 4-piece body and slim profile, the Banshee was meant to impersonate a fleeing baitfish, especially when fished fast and erratically. These techniques work well in early spring, but for West Coast anglers, a slow and steady retrieve impersonates an ignorant trout – unknowingly taking its last Sunday swim.

Overall, the ABT Lures Banshee delivers on all aspects of a customer’s interests. Features, durability, price, value and fish catching charisma. Be sure to check out more articles, videos and photography by visiting my channels below. To purchase the ABT Lures Banshee, click here!

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6 Responses to ABT Lures Banshee Swimbait Review

  1. Jody says:

    I’m a huge fan of swimbaits in Virginia. I have yet to make them dominate in Vermont though.

  2. I don’t have a lot of experience with swimbaits, but I have really been wanting to try an ABT at some of my local lakes. Smaller hard body swimbaits have done really well for some of my friends, and I would like to try one.

  3. Derick says:

    Honestly, I haven’t had much luck using swimbaits. I have only used to soft plastic ones and have had tons of follows, but never any strikes. I love the concept of a a swimbait and I’m not giving up on them. I know they produce big bass better than almost any other bait out there. I’ll keep practicing.

  4. Cameron says:

    I’ve never tried swimbaits but I’d like to give them a try sometime. It’s crazy how realistic those ABT baits look.

  5. B. Lane says:

    I have not had the opportunity of trying a swim bait yet. But I have had success with Rapala’s and would love the opportunity to try an ABT swimbait. I love the details that they put into the appearance.

  6. Daniel says:

    Jody White, you were chosen by my random generator, so I’ll get your address and get this swimbait out to you next week!

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